Friday, July 16, 2010

Smoke gets in your eyes...

Yesterday I did an memorial post. I got all set to do a creative "layered collage" with the photo from the cemetery"which I don't like doing" and all and thought I'd practice what I learned at Art and Soul in Virginia.

Well the smoke got in my eyes, and I was useless. Yes for those of you who I neglected to tell, Andrzej was my dad. He died 32 years ago of lung cancer.

My sister Donna has been saying we need to put a picture in my mother's room of my dad, and as I was putting all this "layering materials together" I did get a copy of their wedding picture and frame it, only to be told by my mother, that she most definitely was not married, forget about the 9 kids. I guess Andrzej was a forgettable man, but I'm not sure who she thinks we all are?

Have a wonderful weekend all. I need to do some serious housework this weekend, pray I have some new found energy.


jenniferw said...

Aw. God bless, Irene.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Ciao Irene,
mi spiace molto per tuo padre... posso capire la malattia, anche mia madre è morta di cancro nel 2001.
La sua malattia però è durata "soltanto" 10 mesi.
Un abbraccio a tua madre.
Felice sabato :-))

Jeanne said...

{{HUGS}} Irene.

Donna said...

I understand, sweetie. May God give you comfort.

Annie said...

Must be a bit of a shock to discover you don't know who your parents are anymore!


Sorry, I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but one has to retain a sense of humor as our parents get old, or it would all get too much...blogging about it helps I think.

My Dad said some funny things when he was on strong apin killers at the end, including wondering how they would get the trolley his food was on into the fridge (cos he couldn't eat it). One just has to smile!

Of course dementia, and alzeimers must be very difficult for all concerned, most of the time.

National Pet Day...

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