Sunday, July 18, 2010

A second career?

I encourage my children to be whatever they wanted to be, when they grew up. So far, nobody is done school and on their way to a career of choice. I on the other hand have had several different jobs. Why do I tell you this, I need to put together a resume. My high school diploma says I'm a secretary. Worked in that field a number of years, then went back to school. My Post secondary school diploma tells me I'm a fashion designer and pattern drafter. Worked in that field a couple of years. My next job came with no training, no how to... nothing! That's the job of MOM. And most of you know what that all entails. When I was at my mother's this past week, one of the days, we were waiting for her to be put to bed. I cannot leave her in her room, she just gets to agitated and feels they'll forget about her, and having become familiar with the particular team that was on that night, I agree with her. So we were in front of the nurse's station, no nurse there, but we were. On the tely was a talk show from I'm not sure where, the topic of discussion was how much most parent hate parenting. I had never thought about it. Not how much you hate your kids, but how much your life changed when you had them, and all those aspects of life around parenting you hate. I must be in the minority, there wasn't anything I hated about parenting. I didn't mind the diaper changes, I didn't mind the not sleeping bit, I didn't mind the going around for swim meets, and camp pick-ups, what I do mind is the fact that I didn't enjoy them EVEN MORE when they were little. Now with them as MEN, I hate not seeing them every morning when I wake, or every evening when I go to sleep. I hate not knowing if they are well and happy. I hate not knowing who they're playing with. I HATE not playing with them. So as my mom and I watched this, (she complained I made her) I was just aghast at the careers some of these ladies had and were not happy parenting. They never said they didn't love their kids, they just wished it wasn't such tedious work. I've been blessed indeed. I'm not saying it wasn't hard, or work, but it just seemed o.k. So now what do I put down on this resume? The job posting is an election day worker, for the municipality. I should put down that I've worked for the Feds, and for the Province in a responsible position and I'd just like this lowly job, because I have an election coming up and I need to know the streets in my district? I'm sure they'd say WHAT the... Or I could put down that I'm an eligible employee and just want to make some money for one day that will not interfere with my life. I'm semi-retired from being a MOM, yea right. Or I could say that I'm not just another pretty face. Or that I need some mad money for all the "crafty things" I do. I hate that term "crafty". I sounds like you're making macaroni art. So this is my dilemma today, I'll need to put my application/resume in tomorrow or all the good spots will be taken.

Where else was I going with this? I do go on don't I? I was thinking if one of my kids doesn't do something a little more job related soon, I'm encouraging them to be weather forecasters, you don't even have to do a good job, you just have to look pretty and sound kinda nice. Now there's a pimp project if I ever saw one. I've been listening to our weather guy, he keeps telling me there's going to be rain yesterday, today and tomorrow. No rain here yesterday, that means I better water.


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Irene
buona giornata :-))
Grazie della visita.

Anonymous said...

I could have written the part about how much you loved everything about being a parent and hating the fact that you don't see them in the mornings and at night.

Kids are the best part of life.

National Pet Day...

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