Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just press enter...

Well today was my first session with Marie Otero, Surface Magic, at the Art and Soul Conference. ( I think we should make this sound serious) What fun. I should'a brought my boys, they would have been so helpful at the print station (Tech support) of course Daniel would have had many comments, Sasha would have just done it for us and we still would have been left "unknowing". Marie and her hubby (Rick) were great, God just didn't make enough of them. I'm very pleased with my work, (which I can't show you, becaue I refuse to pay for the service in the hotel, this should be free). Anyway at one point when the printers were not co-operating and Marie's husband was not quite sure why, Marie said "just press enter". Only my sisters will get this joke. I had to leave the room to laugh. I did press enter though and got wonderful results. Now we have had a manager's cocktail. and we are off to eat Crab Cakes.

P.S. I'd have put a You Tube Video here. Just to toot Leslie's HOrn, what an awesome driver she is. Even from the backseat, although I do have a suggestion for car makers, earphones, I can hardly hear what the front seaters are saying, We should have a headset on so we can hear each other. We are here safe and sound in the metropolis of Hampton Virginia and enjoying out classes. TOOT TOOT


Annie said...

Sounds interesting, and fun !

And the story behind "just press enter" sounds interesting too.

My Mum, who knew ZERO about computers, used to listen to a computing show on the radio at night, and was fond of telling us, when things were going awry with our computers..."just turn it off and back on again". Very funny. And of course, it was Good Advice too!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I think you need to get your hearing checked. I've been in the backseat of this vehicle on all the road trips where The Professor drives and I've never missed a word of what Elliot has to say :) You can always do what we did when we were kids, and lean forward between the seats, thereby inserting yourself partway into the front seat! It's not like we're saying anything profound anyway...and if you couldn't hear our singing, then there truly is a problem! :) Just shout out what you want to tell us, we can hear YOU!!!