Monday, March 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday, Life is a bowl of cherries.

Life is a Bowl of cherries, who said that? I've been inspired by this photo to bake. My eldest son, loves cherries. I can't imagine why? I didn't really encourage the eating of cherries as a mom, because of my own experience. When my sister, Barbara and I were in our tweens our neighbour Mr. Ozomok had a cherry orchard way out there by the Cudney Tourist trap. He would often bring a truck load home of cherries that did not sell at the road side stand and we (Barbara and I) (because we were neighbors and you always helped your neighbor, without financial reward) would go door to door in god forsaken neighborhood where fruit stands were not and sell them, $3 a very large basket. We more than often would sell out. Now were we just good sales people, or did we look so pathetic that the buyers would just buy to support the struggling farmer, which we were not, nor was Mr. Ozomok. I don't know, but often it would be very hot and the smell of those berries would get up into your nostrils and stay there until the next evening. And then of course we got to keep the leftovers on those nights that it got dark before we sold out. Most of the time these cherries were at least a day old, so they were ripe. I got so sick of cherry soup that I haven't made it since I've cooked for myself. But my son on the other hand could eat cherries every opportunity he gets, even the frozen one's I buy for cheese cake. Anyway it's off to post my cheesecake recipe. Check back at Irene's Kitchen a little later if you feel like it.

because life is better with a splash of yellow.

Have a great Mellow Yellow Monday.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Would that be the cheesecake that almost burned the house down??? :)

Irene said...

No Leslie it will be a no bake cheese cake, with lady fingers. The one that almost burned the house down, also set the mixer smokin'.

Sandy said...

Love that photo! The yellow bowl makes the cherries really stand out and now I want to go buy cherries and find a nice bowl to take photo of them! :)

Jenny Girl said...

What a great story? I think people bought your cherries for lots of good reasons: door to door sales, two adorable kids, and pretty cheap :)

and yes, you always help your neighbor.

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