Saturday, December 12, 2009

In the beginning

Way back when, Leslie and I had gone to the Needlework Festival, and it was still called the Needlework Festival, it is now called the Creative Festival, we spotted a lady with a rather unique booth, and it was upholstery and lampshade making. We immediately thought of our Antique Cheese Boxes. So I took a pamphlet and put it into my cheese box and awaited a day that we could both find the time to do this coarse. This September, as each year, Leslie and I plan on our class schedule. Our Cheese Boxes were on the top of the list. I had just cleaned and rediscovered them.

We signed up, and off we went to the textile store to pick our fabric, and feet.

I had painted mine purple and planed to add a lime green animal print. These were going to be funky poufy cheese boxes with storage.

Well our first day of class came, we arrived all loaded up and ready to go ... a week early.

The following week we showed our teacher, Evelyn, what we had in mind and she said, (with a very heavy Dutch accent) "Oh well you have to go to Tony and get him to cut a hole out for your button in the top and figure out how you will be attaching your feet. So off we go to Tony. Tony took one look at our boxes as said "NO!"
"No" we said. "NO" Tony said. These boxes are apparently made of some wood that no long exists and he was not having any part in altering a irreplaceable wood. He would build us boxes. Well, Tony got sick. He manage to get Leslie's done the following week, but not mine. So... Who you gonna call?

I remembered my sister had a Turtle Stool, that my mother had used when she had her knee surgery. So I called her and asked if she would like it reupholstered, and indeed she did. And so begins the job.

The original Turtle.

All stripped, holes filled, "Formula Applied"

Applying Edge Roll

Then building up with UNIDECK ( no idea of the spelling of this)

Then some "very pricey Horse Hair"

Several layers of Felt

A quick softness test from Evelyn

Oh well maybe just one more.

Then factory cotton is moistened with a spray bottle and stretched very tightly and tacked.

The following week, when the factory cotton has shrunken and really tightened things up, a layer of Teralene (no idea of the spelling of this product)

And Now the suede, yes suede.


All studded up


Finally Done. It's Barb's Birthday today, I hope she'll be able to put her feet up and enjoy her turtle, I sure had fun fixing it up. What would I have done differently, I would have had Tony take the legs off and make them a little more secure, and I would have REALLY waxed things up before applying the suede. Next learning experience, French Polish. Stay Tuned.

Photos by Leslie Moran. Thanks Pal.

P.S. what are we doing with our Cheese Boxes you ask, insuring them I hope.


Jeanne said...

Wow that is so cool. Love seeing the process and it's the cutest thing!

Donna said...

Hahaha, cute project! You might still want to tackle that cheesebox project yet!

me again said...

Fabulous post! I can't wait to see what you create next!

Alyce said...

Wow! You are so much more crafty than I am. What a cute turtle!

Christine said...

Great project. I was so surprised to see that horsehair is still used. I wonder what special qualities it has. I know it used to be used for mattresses.

Jenners said...

That is really cute and what a lovely gift!

Carmi said...

I love it!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

What are we doing with our cheese boxes indeed! I wish I'd been smart enough to do a smallish turtle. Your piece turned out beautifully and I do hope Barb appreciates all that went into your piece. An heirloom for sure! Bravo.

Susan Williamson said...

Oh I love turtles! It was so much fun to see the documentation Irene.

National Pet Day...

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