Friday, September 18, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

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This weekend two special couples are celebrating their anniversaries. My sister and her husband will have been married 38years, and my friend Jola and her husband 33years.

It was a busy week for my family 33years ago. My mother and I made Jola's wedding dress and all the bridesmaids and most of the guests. I was the maid of honour at her wedding. My sister Alice was expecting her first baby. On Friday while we were at rehearsal Alice had my beautiful niece, who's birthday was yesterday. Then the wedding happening and my sister and her husband had thier 5th anniversary celebration during that time. I felt it fitting to post my postcard today of a "married couple". How do I know they are married, well for one thing he has his hat in his hand, she's bringing him the flowers.(and it says so on the back of the postcard) So couples have a happy day.


Snap said...

Fun and interesting card!

Sheila said...

What an incredibly special weekend! A great card to choose to mark the occasions. :) Just to add to the coincidences, my grand daughter has just been born - and her name is Alice!

Robin said...

Such a lovely postcard.....

Congratulations to all and may you and yours have a beautiful weekend.

Candy said...

With numbers like that it is always cause for celebration! Congrats to both couples and all the BD folks, too.
Sweet little vintage card to show the love between and man and his woman.
Happy PFF ;-)

Aimee said...

What wonderful occasions! Love the postcard too!

BeachILike said...

It is cute one :) Romantic too.

Thanks for stop by my blog, I got a gift for you. Pick as you like.

You Got A Posty
All Little Things I Like

Marie Reed said...

How wonderful Irene! A whirlwind of happy memories and a beautiful vintage image to boot. Perfect!

National Pet Day...

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