Thursday, July 16, 2009

Theme Thursday

Today's Theme is "Stage". When I think of stage there are only a few memories that come to mind. First it would have to be my sister Donna playing the lead role in many a drama performance during her secondary school days. The one that is most prominent is the role of "Elaine Harper" in Arsenic and Old Lace.

The other most recently involved my boys and I in our roles as volunteers to assist "The Zonta Group" in their creating an accessible playground. This photo is "The Stage in the Park", where neighbor hood children can do their own performances.

The park also has the usual equipment, "entirely accessible" with even the ground cover created as not to get impede the use of wheelchairs.

And we are not just talking wheelchairs here, we have this lovely musical area as well.

The scent garden, and the sniffer doesn't even have to bend over to smell the plants the aroma is infused through those cute flowers.

In the centre of the park is a sundial, so the child/parent can stand in the centre and will know what time it is my the shadow they cast.

I would have love to take a photo of this all in action, but privacy laws being what they are... not to mention that on opening day we had co-ordinated a very large barbecue and fun day with approx. 3,000 kids and adults so I was quite busy, seeing to my volunteer students who were face painting. Thank God the weather didn't permit the hot air balloon to actually go up. So you see Billy Shakespeare, (I'm sure his mom would have called him Billy) knew what he was talking about "all the world is a stage".

Check out the other guys posting on "Theme Thursday". photos taken by me.


Wings said...

Unique take on it! :)

And hey, "clever" was actually my word verification word! I am not kidding!!! hahahahaha

Brian Miller said...

what a cool place for kids. i imagine it fun to sit and watch as they play upon their stage. and good for you volunteering, we need more of that. and involving the kids...great!

Megan said...

Good for you!

The Silver Fox said...

What a delightful place for family members to enjoy time spent with each other.

subtorp77 said...

Great take! Arsenic and Old Lace is another favourite. And suc ha wonderful thing doing with the stage, playground and all!

Oh too good; word verification is "fixed", as in the stage is all set. HA!

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