Saturday, May 23, 2009

Brenda's Photo Challenge...doorways

Brenda's Photo Challenge is hosted this week by Annie of Annie's Blog

This weeks challenge is ...Doorways...

This is a home newly renovated, we watched it change from a little falling down bungalow to this REALLY Nice house, it's in a very desirable location. In my favorite "town".

Across the street from it is this "Century home" The property is now undergoing "naturalization" I think in this town (my favorite) Century homes must comply to some rules as to paint colours etc. I think I must have stumbled upon a cheating husband/wife. As I was trespassing on the property, a door opened( I suppose to shoo me away) and a window shade got pulled. I snapped and ran.

This is a home down the street from mine, a not very nice lady and her two daughters live here, reminds me of Cinderella's evil stepmother. I was expecting her to come running out and hit me. She's always hustling around her garden in her mini skirt and cleavage, all made up and manicured. But nice entry. It wasn't until I took on this challenge that I realize what an ugly doorway I have.

I played it safe and stood across the street for this one. Who knew this would be a life threatening adventure.

When I took on this challenge I wondered who thought of doors, I suppose it was first intended to keep the elements out like, cold or rain. So these are twin DANGER doors.

... and then there are unusual doors. This was a "hotel/motel" kinda of accommodation I stayed in while I was on vacation in Poland. I must also say that I've taken on these challenges because, I have such a hard time taking a photo without anyone in them. So the next few are with people, after all doors do lead people into things, like sleeping chambers...


...and noticing that the grass is always greener. This photo was taken at our next door neighbors home on my wedding day. I love that house if I had a million dollars I'd buy it, I'd move it to my favorite town, Oh no then I'd need two million. Anyway love this doorway.

I had to include this photo of my niece in her fabulous wedding dress, looking awesome in front of all those doors. (they are closed if you notice)is this a subliminal message? One door opens...

I must also confess to something only a "natural blonde" would do. There are three things I don't do at my house. 1) I don't shovel snow, 2) I don't cut the grass, 3) I don't replace batteries. Well ever since Annie announced the challenge I've been scoping out fabulous doors. I particularly liked the ones that said welcome but then had a multitude of gates and locks on them, so I wrote down all the locations and felt I'd take one day and capture them all. Well I took my very long bus ride to the first location, set myself up on "James St. with a lot of left over drunks from the night before" (again risking my life) and low and behold my husband thought I might need a new battery, took it out and never replaced it. I was wild. So needless to say my doorways challenge was quite that. So this year after 30 years of marriage and three men in the house I have shovelled snow, I need to cut the grass because I'm not happy with their work, and now I HAVE to learn to replace my own batteries. I'm not sure what I will need them for now, other than round out my loads in the washing machine.


Just Joni said...

great doorway pictures! I can just imagine you lurking in the bushes snapping Looks like you had fun! :)

Jeanne said...

hehe I too can just imagine you creeping around in the bushes to get those pictures. What commitment to the challenge! Great job Irenka.

Annie said...

well done Irenka, good on you for getting them done!

Love all the doors, and I didn't realize what trouble and danger people would go to for it!


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