Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Barbados Beware

Well my sisters are off on their beach vacation. I wanted to send the Barbados Ambassador a heads up. You see the last time the Nowak sisters went on a trip we gave a memorable send off to our tour guide. We were off to Calgary, at a scrapbooking convention. We booked a bus tour to see Banff. It happened to be our tour guides last trip,before retirement, he was very good, he took us all over the place with in depth explanations and information, and then Barb got a headache, as Alice and I got on and off the various stops Barb laid down on the bus. When we got to Banff for the shopping part of our tour, we thought we would get a bite to eat and Barb would feel better, we thought the driver said we should be back to our stop at 5:30 and no Alice remembered that he said 4:30, no we thought who would send you off shopping for 1/2hr. So we did our lunch, and Barb started to feel better so we started to wander around. Well when 5:30 rolled around and we had rushed back to our rendevous point, there was no bus driver, so we started ask around, and we became known as, "Oh you're the three sisters who missed the bus". Apparently the driver had driven around Banff looking for us, he even checked the hospital thinking Barb had gotten sicker. Well, this poor man, retired with a tarnished record, he had never lost or left anyone behind before. We had a great time, we gained an additional 3 hrs. of touring Banff, spent some serious $$$$$$$$$$. And returned to our hotel with some spirits to relax with. Well if we could do that in such a small slice of the world, imagine what the 3 sisters are doing to Barbados, a whole island to have an adventure in.


Anonymous said...

The three sisters start their adventure in Bridgetown Barbados exercising their plastic. Actually the numbers are wearing off. When we entered one of the higher end jewellery shops we were not surprised that our oldest sister was greeted on a first name basis with hugs and kisses and anticipating smiles. Great day out having lunch in an authentic Bajan restaurant. Today's adventure paled in comparison. We took the city bus to and from the supermarket and carried at least 50 lbs. of groceries home because we now can't afford a taxi and we can't afford to go out to eat. We may even lose some weight on this trip.

P.S. Forgot to mention that we broke the door on the room safe. Too much inventory.

Marie Reed said...

It's good that you are with them in spirit! It's to bad that you couldn't be with them this go round!

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan