Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two fun years

Two years ago my niece and god daughter & her husband had their first child. A lovely little girl. She just turned two, she's the life of our family gettogethers. Check out the shoes. I know when my nieces were born, I had no children at the time, life changed. Christmas, Easter Halloween and just regular visits became more fun. Kids do that to grown-up families. So here's wishing our little girl Happy Birthday.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

How big is the baby??
Sooooooooo Big!
Happy birthday little one.

Annette said...

Give the adorable birthday girl a hug for me! I can tell by the picture that she makes all family get togethers a memorable one! I can remember when my niece's where that young and fun, one still is, and she's the oldest, but then again she's my favorite! Eat a corner piece of cake for me!

Jeanne said...

So cute. And what a sweet idea posting her picture and the Sesame Street video from You Tube. Love it.

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