Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday's Quest

I don't know how I connected with Annette, but she's out there in Blogland, I've been reading her little quotes about "enjoying the ride" and while I agree with mostly everything, I thought I should do a little book about these two. Some days I don't feel like I've earned my keep, so maybe if I am able to stay awake long enough to jot these two things down I'll be able to say I did something. So Sunday's quest is to do something.
Each night before you go to bed complete the following statement's:
1) "I am thankful for____"
2)" Today I accomplished__
So today I'm grateful, even more than usual, for the patience of my boys, for helping me keep connected.
And I accomplished, a few more layouts in my Creative Moments part, and I cleaned out several drawers with papers galore. In so doing I found these treasures.
You know how you are attracted to certain things, I'm not sure what I will do with these, but I just can't get rid of them. These two match or co-ordinate with a screen I have had for a number of years. When I last painted I took it down and it is still not up again. I thought I would do the "chain reaction thing" but as yet have not found anywhere in my home that I like it. So these two will have to wait until I do. I also don't like things "too" matchy matchy.So you see how you can easily get side tracked, I could have sat down to think about these embroidered pieces. And another job is created. They are not very big, 81/2 X 11 or so. I always thought cushions. I'm open to suggestions.

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Susan Williamson said...

I really like your suggestion about the two things to jot down before going to bed. This is definitely something worth trying.

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