Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tip toe through the tulips...

This past week I got to spend and enjoyable couple of days with my friend Janice and her Mom. We trecked out to Niagara and enjoyed the bulbs in the green house. What an inspiration to come home and do some gardening. So you can imagine how exciting it was when we actually got a Saturday that was warm enough to do that. I hadn't planned on it. It was going to be laundry day, and toilet paper replacement but then I looked out my sunny window. All I could think of was my husband will not be tip toeing through the tulips. So, I abandoned the laundry...

A couple of years ago I planted a bunch of crocus' throughout my back lawn, and this morning when I looked out there they were all ready for spring. Last year the rabbits did their thing with them and I hardly got to enjoy them so, I went out today and raked and enjoyed them before the bunnies come hopping by. I have plans to increase these things this fall. I'll be moving my grapevine hyacinths to make a plaid in my lawn. Won't that be cool. It's such a welcome sight after a very long winter. You can see the grass is still yellowed.

The cat was wondering what I was doing with his favorite grapevine cones. Well I was getting ready to set up barriers. I gave them a quick spray of red paint.
This is a frequently travelled route, to maintain the pond, you can see the filter tank now, but once the vegetation gets going, it not visible. Andy often checks it so I expect collateral damage in my plants, so I've put bright red twig cones secured to the ground to protect my astilbe, and more large branches.

This area has not only those valuable car parts but my hydreangias and Lenten Rose, and all those day lillies and Iris' so it gets a big barrier. I've even place large branches around the pond to keep the traffic off my Hibiscus which doesn't look like anything more than dried up sticks at the moment.

Most people have lawn furniture to sit on, I use it to baracade my husband from my garden.Each chair is strategically place over a growing plant that may be mistaken for a stepping stone. The white chairs in the background protect my clematis, and each clematis has a barrier around it as well, just in case he moves the chair to step there. We would have starved to death if he was a farmer. So today's "in service" will be a garden tour. "Don't tip toe through the garden".
I had to post this tune with the animae, since Sasha passed the "in service" for toilet paper replacement, and animae is his "thing."


Leslie Jane Moran said...

seems like you could use some of those fluorescent traffic cones around your place! :)

irenka said...

I thought about that, but he's so used to moving them that it probably wouldn't work.