Sunday, March 8, 2009

My walls are bare

I'm an artist, but my walls are bare. I just don't have what it takes to say, "o.k., that piece is finished, let's hang it honey". Of course it would help if honey could hammer in a nail without getting blood all over the place. Well I almost finished another great little project today at a HADA Big Brush Workshop. I'm loving it, but I ran out of steam about an hour before finishing, so the piece will have to wait until Wednesday's studio time. And then I'm getting one of those Black and Decker hanging thing a ma jigs and hanging some of this stuff up. My living room looks like a studio with canvas' all over the place. I always leave things out to see what the living room painting fairy does. She does o.k. I always think, holy crap did I do that? And the answer is usually yes, you did, and it's not half bad. My self portrait is still mostly unfinished, I'm just not liking those warts on my chin...

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