Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yada Yada Yada

I had to laugh this morning when I looked at ...just Annette's... blog she said blah blah blah, I was thinking yada yada yada. Yes we indeed went to dinner and dancing on Valentine's Day. Everyone in the room was in LOVE, except for maybe a couple of priests. There were a couple of paper hearts by our place setting, the minute the MC started to explain what to do with these hearts, panic set in. My poor husband, he had to write something endearing about me. I'd like to say he couldn't decide I have so many endearing qualities, but no such luck, he just sucks at writing things down. Needless to say we were laughing so hard that we couldn't look into each others eyes and express these feelings. I'm sure our companions around the table thought we had lost our marbles. Who knew there was going to be a pop quiz. Any way dinner was good, drinks were tasty, and the music was quite enjoyable. We danced for awhile, and then by 11:30p.m. we were done, and just as Annette and her hubby we came home put our p.j.s on and watched Saturday Night Live.


Annette said...

I love it, great minds think alike! my husband mention something about dance too, never happened, and you know what Larry and I would of done the same thing about writing something down, we've been together 20 years, married 18, I cant explain it, sometimes its a love hate relationship... you made me giggle.

Susan Williamson said...

I had to laugh at this entry. It reminded me of that game show back in the 70s where couples had to answer questions about each other, and most of the time they got things wrong.
P.S. We did the SNL/pj thing on Saturday night too!

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan