Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brenda's Photo challenge.

I had to try this, even though my camera is not great, I think I did o.k. Brenda's Photo challenge this month is signs of Spring. Well here in Ontario, Canada, we have very little signs of spring. We've just been pelted with yet another snow storm. But I managed to get my frog again. He hibernates I guess and comes out as soon as the water in the pond melts enough. And that's it I could not find ANYTHING ELSE.


Sharon said...

Oh this is one brave and beautiful frog. You did a great job with the photo. It seems that you and I are on the same time frame for posting.

Donna said...

Hahaaa...!!!I Love your Frog!! Wonderful sign of Spring!! Great job!!
I think everyone went to your Other blogs, didn't find your pictures and moved on...Next time you want to play, I'll fix it for you!
Hope you play with us Again!!!

Donna said...

Hey, that works! Great composition there! I like the mix of green with the stark white of the snow.

Thanks for joining in on the picture-taking fun!

antigoni said...

It's so funny and so beautiful. You did great work.

Jeanne said...

That's great. Thanks for visiting. We're still covered in snow as well but looking at those pictures I posted from last spring gives me hope it'll be here soon. 'fingers crossed'

Annette said...

I think your picture is sweet and you did a great job!