Thursday, February 12, 2009

Would you like some cheese with your WHINE?

O.k. yesterday's post resulted in at least two new suggestions. I had had yellow label wine before and while it's o.k., I'm ready for new adventures. The Raging Bull I tested this week gives me hot flashes, so that's not so good. I was eating dinner in my undergarments and at this weight that's not so good. But I had one comment that suggested any kind of "Pintal" so being the blonde I am (naturally) I wrote all these suggestions down and I was off to the liquor store, today.* and then I continued my house work, as Thursdays are designated laundry and cleaning days. As I was cleaning up the water after my washing machine began to leak, (my mind automatically goes to something more pleasant in these cases, and a glass of wine sounded pretty good, but it was only 9 a.m.)I thought "Pintal" of course I had put a french accent on this, and thought NO Peental. Pintal is the correct spelling but the sound is PEENtal. I thought it was one of my siblings being a smart ass. You see Steve Pintal was a man who my mother met when she was in the Santa Rosa Camp for Refugees. During the second world war my parent were separated by war for seven years, my mother was 22 when she arrived in Mexico. My father was off fighting in places like Monte Casino. Well many Canadian and American men (single or not) would come to the camp and want a bride. Pintal was one of them, as he married another woman in the camp, they got to be friends and he managed to assist my parents in coming to the Hamilton, Ontario area after the war. He was a man of many talents it seems. He made wine. Horrible wine. And sold it. Yes bootleg booze. You had to strain the fruit flies out as you poured into your glass. So my funny sibling thought that might be a nice bottle to choose. I think not my sweet.

* for readers outside of Ontario, our liquor is sold by the Ontario Liquor License Board. These are government owned liquor stores. They make a bundle in taxes on us winos. In Pintal's days the hours were very limited so bootlegers made great profits by selling illegally at their doorstep. Big jail terms if you got caught, sadly Pintal went out of this world wealthy on the bucks he made on his wine.

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jojo said...

jUST WANTED TO GREET YOU "HAPPY VALENTINES"I was supposed to recommend a wine labelled"Novellino"but hesitant to do so.anyway Enjoy your date and I do enjoy reading your post.

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