Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advent Wreath

Awhile back I wrote about not being able to find my Advent Wreath. Well it seems it doesn't live here anymore. I never found it, only the candles survived. So I'm making one tonight. Now if you could see my house you'd laugh. Over the past week, we closed up my mothers home and I was not able to part with many of the old pieces of furniture. So they are all here piled up with not a square inch to move. I'm so grateful for my kids and my husband not minding the mess, (I've trained them well). So in amongst these OLD things we will have a great Christmas, and I can tell them stories about everything, They think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. For example the kitchen cupboards downstairs have no handles (now this is easily 30yrs., in my mothers house) because my parents couldn't agree on what kind. I'm thinking I must be my mother's daughter, since there is still about 3 feet of baseboard missing in my kitchen, because I want it a certain way and my husband doesn't "feel" like doing it. So I'll have to lasso my son. He loves to bang things around. So that's today's adventure. I've done almost NO Christmas shopping and I don't plan on doing any. Imagine that.

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Annette said...

I think advent wreath's are stunning and I simply love what they stand for! when I my teenagers about things they don't always believe me either, after all they are teenagers and they everything by now =) Hoping you and your family have a great and awesome Christmas...

National Pet Day...

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