Monday, August 4, 2008

A lily a day...

I often read Carmi's blog and she has been talking about her wildflower garden. It looks like a meadow to me. I'm so glad it wasn't disappointing this year, she was going to mow it down. I on the other hand am growing car parts. Last year I planted vines around them so that my neighbor (who's garden is absolutely meticulously maintained) would be at peace with my mess. Well the clematis chose to go around the car doors, the ivy is doing beautifully at my neighbors house and thus I feature car parts and a few day lilies which have grown beautifully. It's time to split them up. I think Misia would enjoy these in her backyard. They are bright orange, with a rusty throat, double bloom, spread rapidly. It's a friendship flower, my ivy went next door and this moved over from my neighbors house. I quite like it. I'm not an orange person, but my son certainly is. This part of my garden was intended to be all white, well I do have a white hydrangea, and a white hibiscus,and a white iris, but everything else decided to be something else, so ... they are all enhancing some lovely rare red car parts. I hope you will not mind my featuring a different day Lilly each day they are so lovely that I feel they could be sent out with sentiments. Happy gardening.

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