Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Picnic

My husband has a wonderful Godmother. I'm sure she was the factual part of Cinderella. She doesn't turn into a pumpkin, that I know of, but maybe that's because the prince never comes home before midnight and she just got tired of waiting up. Anyway, the lady organizes a family picnic, which she graciously invites us to. She has many Godchildren and her own children and their families join in, a few friends and cousins and we need to book space in a park. When I came onto the scene, some thirty years ago, it sounded to me like a great idea, and since Andy's family doesn't see much of each other through the year I thought that would be a great way to #1. get the rest of outfield manned, and #2. see everyone before you have to buy them gifts at Christmas. Well my sister and her family and my best friend came, but none of Andy's family was interested. I was not successful in getting Andy's family to come, but my godchildren and their parents and even grandmother were there.I love the format too, bring your own main dish, and salad and dessert to share. We've tasted some very different dishes. Hermina makes a wicked popcorn* and Jenny, the Godmother makes the traditional "Pierog". As in many countries different parts of the country make different dishes that are their staple. I don't know where the pierog belongs, Jenny is second generation and I guess you make what your mother makes. Anyway, the pierog is "buckwheat cooked then combined with pressed cottage cheese and other stuff and rolled in a pastry and baked. It's loaded with butter and fats and very good. My mother's interpretation for buckweat was one that we ate as a side dish much like rice. There is food galore at these picnics. We are unable to attend todays picnic and I'll miss catching up on how everyone's kids have grown, and tasting all the delicious dishes. I think Jenny has great stamina for continuously arranging these affairs and even plans for rain. In the photo you see Jenny with her grandson (who is now probably at University) and Daniel(who at that time never sat and ate) in the distant background trying to get his frisbee out of a tree. I remember the year prior to this, when there was quite a running brook by our spot and Daniel was in it, he had some much mud in between his toes ... Anyway organize a family picnic, no mess in your house, cook just what you like, and enjoy...
*look for the recipe in my family and friends cookbook (handbound)

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National Pet Day...

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