Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm getting old, I think...

I think I might be getting old. Some of you may or may not know I've been and artisty type for most of my life. I find my sisters and brother all have different tastes than me. I like old and weird. In the last few years I've discovered paper arts. Beyond the friendship and atmosphere of doing paper arts I truly love to see the development of what I thought was new art. I must be old and out of it, but apparently these things have been going on for years. I am always in awe of the creativity of these young women, and it's mostly women who partake in these extravagant adventures. (Other than Philip) Since I've began blogging I keep getting lost in the blog world of artists. Bird in the hand, Carmi, Susan Williamson and more. I know these names are not household, other than in the world of paper artists. I am so amazed that a good many of these ladies are career artist, with family and husbands and homes and most of them work from a studio at home. I wish I had that kind of control over my time. I always seem to get distracted. For example, I have been trying to sort photos for our Christmas in July crop, only to discover that most of my Christmas photos are at my sisters home. Well that means a road trip. So I thought o.k. I'll get reorganized with my school days books. I didn't apply the 3 second rule*. I relived elementary school. And the day is gone, time to make supper, and what about that ironing I was suppose to do. So indeed I must salute the ladies who make a living as artists and have homes, and husbands and kids and some of you teach, a huge BRAVO!

So to conclude why I think I might be getting old, I'm finding some of the arts a little too weird for me. Is this the new wave? Will I be able to catch it? Should old people be doing the wave?

*the 3 second rule, is you limit yourself to looking at a single photo for 3 seconds and then get on with sorting.

I was so impressed with one of my friends at painting taking pictures of everything she had painted and then being able to part with it. I have decided to do that also,(and clean house) even though I don't have much of my work left. Getting ready to catch the wave. The photo is of two of my projects, the star book, I did a million years ago with Marisa, and an altered book dedicated to women the through ages.
( a work in progress).
My studio and home are in such a state that I had a hard time finding an appropriate location to take this photo, so it's on a chair that I will be upholstering in Sept. yet another adventure. the leather is reserved for full metal jacket books.

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Anonymous said...

Irenka, getting old - hogwash! Yes, if you give in, then you will be old. Mature is the word, you see things and act differently, but old NEVER! Take that from me, your sister who is a grandmother and still feels 25 on a good day! There are some 25 year olds that feel old. Live, laugh and treat each day as a new gift - for me that day would be like getting a new diamond. AMS

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