Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The song/word of the day

I don't know how many of you are aware of this program on CFRB radio, but each morning, especially on Sunday I am awaken at 6:10 to listen for the song of the day. This has been going on for some months now, apparently my husband has been trying to win a trip, (so he doesn't have to pay for it). Well he will not be celebrating a second honeymoon if he continues this crap. Then at 9ish he continues to listen to the Bill Carol Show. I am so reluctant to tell you all of this in case you listen and catch the insanity. Being that Andy is hard of hearing he listens to all of this loudly, so you can't help but hear. Anyway, today the big discussion on the talk show was regarding a woman who's daughter is autistic, apparently she was reported to the Children's Aid Society on the insights of a psychic(not sure if that is spelled correctly). Well, you can imagine the comments at home I had to endure. And out came the Gypsy files. I've been hoeing out papers of no importance, sorting and get rid of unwanted pictures, books etc. So some of the Gypsy files have been reduced considerably. That's the activity for the day I suppose. I made him re chalk the shower yesterday, I believe we might be getting a new shower door.

Have we come to this. Has society become so afraid that on the insights of a psychic we torment parents. Who the heck hired that principal, and where are her brains, maybe she left them at the RAM. (You know the bar at the university) I hope this parent files a grievance with the Teachers College.

It made me think of my mother. You're probably sick of hearing about my mother. But, my mother use to read cards. I remember when I was a child of about 12, this family would come every once in awhile to have their cards read. Apparently my mother's insights help locate the one woman's child who was taken by her husband. My mother use to freak out if we had been playing fish with her cards, and there was usually only one deck in the house. She always claimed that she couldn't read cards that some one had lost or won on, and heaven forbid if we actually used pennies. She would never read our cards. I'm sure she told us how she learned to do this, I think it must have been from the gypsies in Siberia. She never ever would have allowed Andy to be persecuting them as he does, if she was aware of it. I'm starting to think we will have to add the income from 222TIPS to our taxes next year. Anyway here is my song of the day. It's a winner.

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Anonymous said...

"Word of the Day you say"! I would sure give him a word or two if I was woken up so early. A little update on my "grandmother" aka "babcia" putting to sleep skills. Last week I mentioned the sleeping blanket with the knots, well that works fine, but it's the 25 pounds of baby you need to rock. So I introduced back scratching and obviously Stephanie likes it so much that she has progressed to neck and head and tummy scratching. Today she didn't want to get rocked, but immediately laid down on her back and signalled to me to scratch her tummy and then took my hand and put it on her neck. I got my message very quickly. So Irene, maybe if you got a blanket with knots and scratched Andy's tummy, he would forget about that word of the day. --Advice from Babcia Lusia.

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan