Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well as you've probably assumed June is a full month, we have Grads and Dads, birthdays and anniversaries. I know my sister Alice will call and say "What were you doing 29 years ago today? Well in the morning I'm sure I was assembling my hat and veil, and as I was having real forget me not's on the crown of it, I'm sure I was picking them in Mrs. Sagan's garden. Then of course was the hair, my friend Mary was so nervous, that her mother ended up doing my hair. We had a horse and buggy drive us to the church, the day was quite hot, so our friend Jerry Ostrowski was giving the carriage drivers beer, they were QUITE refreshed. We didn't expect people to come to the house, but there they were, tons of people. The driveway was packed. Andy the groom had had a late night,and a lot of refreshments, and arrived, by car, a little late. Alice and I were frying chicken wings, and making center pieces the day before so the house smelt of grease. So before the I do's we had quite an interesting morning. After the church we took pictures in front of the old Nugent House, my niece Jennifer, who was a flower girl, decided it was too hot to look cute in her dress, so she stripped and wanted to run through the sprinklers, which my mother had on to water her flowers. Priorities eh! We ran out of beer before dinner started. Oh what else can I say. When Andy carried me over the threshold, he ran into the door frame and I had a bruise on my arm the size of Montreal. So what was I doing? Obviously I was having a blast. And it's been that way for 29 years. So Happy Anniversary HONEY.
Photo of the house next door.
I'd like to play Happy Anniversary, by Charles Aznovar, but I can't seem to be able to figure out the download. Maybe next year. P.S. the tree on the left is the one under which we layed to watch Ruth go to church. (blog, lady in yellow dress)


Anonymous said...

You are correct! What where you doing 29 years ago? I just remember how hot it was. It was a wonderful different kind of day. The horse and buggy carriage taking you to the Church and all the neighbours on the street forming a guard of honour in order to see what was happening. Somethings never change - they still come out when they see more than one Nowak girl out there! My Michelle looked so pretty in her beautiful dress and underneath the famous "Luv" diapers - the best disposable diapers there were and you could only get them in the U.S. Oh and yes I remember the dough flowers for the centerpieces. Our mother was going bolistic because she sent us home from the hall to clean the house and we decided to make dough flowers. After all, we didn't have to listen to her, you were getting married and leaving and I had already completed that journey. I still remember all our parent's friends at the church, Pani Stachowa sitting so proud and the other ladies with their hair piled high and Andrea removing the pins in her grandmother's hair. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ANDY AND IRENE! Sto lat! Love Alice and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary CI and UM...its funny how fast time flies...29 years...I know CI will probably say it hasn't gone by fast BUT I was thinking today about how fast 30 years has gone by and its have to enjoy every minute.
Love, Adi and Patrick xoxo

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan