Monday, June 9, 2008

OH! Donna

When my parents came to Canada some 60 years ago, they tried very hard to become part of the communities they lived in. But no matter how hard you try it's hard not to remember your homeland. As more and more immigrants from Poland came to the Hamilton area a real sense of Polish Community "Polonia"and all the frills began to happen as well. One of which was The Miss Polonia beauty pageant. This young woman would represent the Polish Community in Canada. I don't remember what else she did. She would have to be involved in the Polish Community. The campaign began on Fat Tuesday. The " Kolo Polek" Circle of Polish Ladies put on a ball "Ball Paczkowy". Paczki are those delicious donuts you can purchase at Loblaws or other P C type stores around Fat Tuesday. The biggest treat were the paczki, but also they would parade all the beauty pageant candidates and vote for their choice. Both my sisters were chosen, different years. The photo of this Beauty Queen is my sister Donna. The campaign proceeded to the end of lent while the Polish newspaper kept score. My sister was one of the finalists. Then there was a big BALL. Today some forty years later Miss Polonia has a birthday. She was the eldest of my parent children that were born here in Canada. That entitled her to look after us on many an occasion, take us to the library ( which was a bus with books) she dated first, swept the driveway( which was half a block long) to protect one of us, and endured all those things the eldest in the family do. She went on to be a nurse. My parents were thrilled. She continues to advise us on medical things. She was always with us when we were in the hospital. She actually put the I.V. into my hand when I was delivering Daniel, I think she was even in the delivery room. I'll never forget her when I had surgery and my nurse left me in the shower with no towels, I think I'd still be there if Donna had not come up on her lunch break. We've all been ATLS participants. My mother to this day doesn't want to go to a Dr. appointment without her. And we've all enjoyed a Pink Lady or two with her. She makes a great trifle, and fabulous egg nog. We've been haggling about who makes a better pie, her or me. She works too much. At one point we were going to enter her into the Guiness Book of World Records as having the most number of jobs at one time. She never sleeps and only rests on vacation, although she has been known to do the nurse thing even then. So on such a special day we hope you rest, have a nice drink and great meal and pleasant company to share it with. STO LAT

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National Pet Day...

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