Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Heart goes out to siblings of ...

Being the middle child in my family I understand being compared to my siblings. I've tried really hard not to compare my children to each other however, it is really hard not to say, "why can't you just do this as well as your brother". Well imagine the dark shadow siblings of missing children must live under. Friday, I was at an event at which we prayed for a young woman who went missing a year ago in Rainbow Falls Park while hiking. I met her mother, who then introduced her son as Christine's brother. I don't know if she told us his name. I was just so taken aback about, what will I say to this family. How do you treat the child you still have at home, when your other child is missing? Mothers don't get instructions on these feelings do we. I also have a friend who's niece Nicole ( is missing, since March of 2007. Her brother has done so much to help find her, that I can only hope that my sons would make that tremendous effort for each other, God forbid, it was needed. It is the most awkward feeling to talk to parent/ relative of a missing child. What do you say? I truly don't know. I think of both these girls daily, and pray that their families might find some closure soon. Please keep them in your prayers also. And hug your kids.

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