Monday, February 23, 2009

Lunch bag let down...

I don't know if any of you are old enough to remember this commercial, it had something to do with some kind of quick lunches. I always thought that was a great way describe feelings about some major disappointment. I'm not disappointed but I just feel like I have the worst case of lunch bag let down, probably this very long winter. I got up this morning and had all kinds of plans to clean my house. Monday is downstairs day, and laundry. It's always laundry day. I got as far as the chair my book was sitting on, and thought "oh I'll just read till my water boils," well I finished the book and three kettles of boiling water later. I haven't done that in a great many years. I even rushed my niece off the phone, because I wanted to see what happened, in the book that is, she called at a crucial part. It's been a long time since a book captured my attention for that long. Usually I just read a bit and fall asleep. I read through the Oscars, and well into the night. Well I guess I didn't get much sleep, no wonder the lunch bag let down. Anyway well into the day, as I was making supper, I did a very little bit of house cleaning. I still have a bunch of stuff sitting there needing refinishing or painting or something, I know if I put things away "they will be out of sight out of mind" so here they sit. I have old sewing machine table I'd really like to use it as a cutting system spot, with my score -it board and all my blades and stuff,it has a drawer and everything for my blades(the cat is always running off with my blades) but it has a gross arborite top which has large holes in it. I'd just like to put a huge cutting mat on top, or cork. I've checked out cork by the foot, and all the instructions say use a cork suitable glue, what the H_ _ L is that? Why not just tell me what it is. Anyway, when I scrubbed up the legs and saw that lovely S in an oval and Singer brace it kinda said to me just leave it here, and you'll think of something fabulous to do with it. Nothing yet! Got any ideas? I'm not even watching Antiques Road Show tonight, I'm afraid they'll have someone come in with a sewing machine table that has been altered and give them bad news.

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my wonderful son,  it's bee 33wonderful years. Hope this year proves to be the best yet.