Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer Reading Wrap up...Yea for me...

I didn't participate in any challenges this summer, it's just too much presure for an activity I'm suppose to do because I like it. I did good  P.S. for me summer starts June 1st. and end Sept 8th.

They Left Us Everything and Gone Girl were the only two books I abandoned.  They Left us Everything, was just too close to home and Gone Girl, too much...

Beyond those two:

Here's what I read
The Evening Song
The Afterlife of Stars
Garden Spells
Letters from Skye
The Red Tent
The Outcast
Ice Queen
and presently reading
Tiger Lily

Garden Spells was "reading from my shelf as was Letters from Skye, both good reads.

The remainder of the books was "support your local library". 

The remainder of the fall season I shall read from my shelf and R.I.P. challenge. 


Vicki said...

I get overwhelmed buy challenges so I cut back this year and plan on cutting back more next year. I like you list of books and see a few I should read. I'm not doing the R.I.P. challenge this year, but I hope you have fun with it.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

It looks like you enjoyed your summer reading. I have Letters from Skye (on your recommendation) and am looking forward to reading it. I quite like reading challenges as they encourage me to read from my own shelves, but they can be distracting when I find myself looking for books to read that fit into the challenge - so I wonder some times why I bother with them. Happy reading for the fall, whatever you read. I'm reading one for RIP at the moment - and it's one from my TBR shelf too.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I need to get my rear in gear and read the many books I have collected. thanks for the inspiration.

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