Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's Monday What are you Reading?

Gone Girl is on the TBR pile along with Letters from Skye.  My reading is very slow these last few weeks.  But these two books need to be read so I can reduce the stack at the bedside.  Unfortunately by the time it's bed time, my eyes don't seem to stay open long enough to do anything.  GETTING OLD SUCKS!

I now understand when some of the ladies in the Long Term Care (where I volunteer) carry a book around for months.  There is some comfort in that, not much, but some.

I haven't pulled my camera out of it's case for months as well.  Maybe now that the snow has finally melted that can change too.  I don't know what's happening, but I get up all enthusiastic and get rolling, and then I flop.  I've actually pulled the blinds, so as not to look out at my messy yard.  The Dandelions are BACK with a vengeance., and the battle continues.  I want to be one of those people that say they are bored and have "nothing to do" just for one week, and not because I'm sick.

On the plus side, the winter was so wet that my evergreens have almost doubled in size.  BRAVO Mother Nature, that means I can hide the car parts from my neighbors view and we can still be friends, she works very hard in her yard, and I hate for her to see the awful mess.

Anyway... What are you reading and how are you spending this wonderful long weekend?



Nise' said...

I can relate! There are days I wish I could be sent to my room.

bermudaonion said...

My reading is slow right now too - there's just too much going on!

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

I get very tired by the evening too - nodding off watching TV and I just need to open a book at bed time and my eyes close. It's the garden as much as anything else that is tiring me out - so many weeds seem to have just sprung up over night. Don't mention the DANDELIONS - they're taking over the grass and the GROUND ELDER is everywhere else.

A lot of people are reading/have read Gone Girl - I haven't, so if you do read it I hope you write about it.

Letters from Skye looks very interesting - I hope you get round to it.

Vicki said...

My reading is slower than I'd like. To much thinking going on.

Jenny said...

I don't often actually finish a book, dear Irene, even though I dearly love to read. I "sip" at my poetry books all day long, whenever I have chance. That scratches the itch and I enjoy it as much as going from chapter to chapter. As for getting things done, I'm under-motivated in just about every area at present so I can sympathize with you there. xoxo

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my wonderful son,  it's bee 33wonderful years. Hope this year proves to be the best yet.