Monday, March 23, 2015

Mellow Yellow Monday... if only.

I wish this was happening,  I'm so cold, even my pond is frozen over again.   The bulbs are poking through, but no blooms.

Life has been busy.  Note to self, keep my affairs in order so my boys don't have to go through what my husband and I are going through after my death.


Nise' said...

Sorry for your loss. May those bulbs poking through give you joy as you deal with it all.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

Cold here in Chicago too... and we have snow again!

I keep telling myself to write things down - stuff stored in my head will help no one when I'm 'gone'.

Jenny said...

There's an old saying in the South, dear Irene: get your affairs in dying order. I have yet to do that. I often say though, I hope our kids don't hate us after we're gone, for all the junk they'll have to sift through. Love and prayers to you today my friend xoox

Donna said...

It is a hard reality, but most people spend more time planning out shopping trips than they do for managing their affairs upon death. I am so glad that I accomplished as much as I did before Jim died and consulted a lawyer. I was able to completely avoid probate court. But it has still been a difficult process to deal with various service providers, insurance, social security, taxes, etc. Once I get his estate completely settled, then I will be preparing detailed instructions on how to manage my affairs when I die (as a supplement to my will). Now, I just need to find a new executor because the current one doesn't want to be burdened with the work.

I am so sorry that you are having to deal with such issues, in addition to grief. Thank you so much for the greeting card that you sent me a couple of weeks ago. I have been remiss in getting back to everyone and thank them. Please forgive me, but I have been overwhelmed and now dealing with a broken foot. It was so thoughtful of you, and I cherish your friendship!

kelley jensen said...

oh I'm sorry . . . The spring flowers and blossoms are out here in Utah. However, we had no winter so we'll be suffering through the summer.

Vicki said...

I had no idea you recently lost someone. Sending lots of hugs your way.

My husband loved yellow so I've been putting lots of yellow flowers on his grave. I think he'd like that.