Thursday, January 8, 2015

Theme Thursday... Intentions

This weeks new theme is INTENTIONS!

What can I say about Intentions.  I start everyday with great intentions, and then... I check my emails, and because my computer is on it's last breath, I can't unplug it, so I end up having breakfast at the laptop, and chatting with my son, and before you know it, it's noon, and I've only gotten breakfast made and cleaned up, one load of laundry in and thought about supper.  I know that seems like a lot, but it really isn't, when the intention was to get to that mess in "that" room, and now the sun is warming my legs and "Days of our Lives" has started...

So the intention for this year is to watch it after lunch, and then my son will be off to do whatever,  

One of my e mails was a request for information for a scrapbook, and that was easily enough obtained, amazing that in this mess I'm not so unorganized.

So the intention this year is to complete a few more scrapbooking pages/books.  But, that's the room I need to get to.  So while my second load is spinning, I should get to it.

We all start with great intentions... and even if we don't complete the task, we do intend to.  

One of my most important intentions is to spend some time with my eldest, before some bimbo  girl  gets him.  He works nights so it's difficult, but... I miss him a great deal, and even though we live only a couple of hours away, our schedules are so different, and he's got his own life. 


bermudaonion said...

Time gets away from me too - there are just too many distractions these days.

Mayrose63 said...

Ciao Irene,
tuo figlio è veramente " troppo " bello !!!!
E' fidanzato ?
Ciao :))

Jenny said...

Some bimbo, dear Irene? You had me howling on that one. I hope it's not as bad as all that when it actually comes to pass, and I hope the same for my boy. Some lucky female out there doesn't know what she's missing! He's such a sweetie and so is yours. And I like days that sort of take their own course. We know what HAS to be done; the rest is gravy. Right? LOL xoxo

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