Friday, October 17, 2014

Sky Watch Friday...and it's tradition

Yesterday, my son S. Vincent received his Masters of the Arts degree Literatures of Modernity.  This photo was taken while we waited patiently outside of the Ryerson Theater for the doors to open. While we were getting dressed earlier in the day I had struggled into some control top panty hose only to discover that they slid down the minute I started to move, clearly they had been on the shelf for way too long and the lycra was gone. I might add these pantyhose were $9. This is the tradition, every time we go to a graduation our pantyhose don't stay up.  Ask Alice,  when my mom and sister attended my graduation my mom was hurrying along to get to the car before her pantyhose slid down.   I recall a similar event during the dressing process with my niece's grad...I wore pants in the end no hosiery.  After all this is a serious event, nothing to laugh at in case the tears run down your legs. 
at the department reception everyone knew I was S. Vincent's mom, by our unruly hair
the Birthday Boy and The Graduate, (the grey haired guy was celebrating his 63rd B. Day)


Donna said...

Oh, you all look so sweet, unruly hair and all! Congrats to the young graduate.

Anonymous said...

Oh the case of the falling pantyhose. My incident happened on the way to class, in the halls of a college. My students wondered why I had bare legs in the middle of February. I explained that it was a fashion trend.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sasha! Job well done! Love CA and UM

Vicki said...

Love the pantyhose story!!

Lookin' good Irene!! Your son looks a lot like you. He's very handsome, especially when he smiles! The grey haired guy's pretty nice looking too!

Congratulations to the graduate!!

Jenny said...

Dear Irene you made me laugh so hard I had to get up and go potty. I have had some hose-falling-down moments too and that's never fun. BUT your graduate looks so handsome and distinguished and what a stellar accomplishment! Congratulations to him and happy birthday to his proud papa, and as usual, love and all good wishes to you my friend. xoxo

Annie said...

ah, congratulations to all concerned. A very proud moment, no doubt. Sounds like we can all relate to the panty- hose incident!