Sunday, August 17, 2014

it's Monday what are you reading?...

The Illusionist, Jennifer  Johnson

The Cay, Theodore Taylor

The Angel Makers, Jessica Gregson

This week I finished three books, shocking, two of which were quite short.  The Cay is described as a children's book.  I'm not sure that is the case, it is certainly a book told from the child's perspective.  I really never knew or should I say never thought about the impact of the war in the Caribbean. I felt that I had read extensively on the WWII and never thought about the Caribbean.  What a good story  The relationship of a young boy, in a lifeboat, and of a big black man.  Their survival on a small island, for many months.  They overcome prejudice, and hardship, thirst, and storm, and finally become good friends.

The Illusionist, the story of a young woman, and her daughter living a life of strangeness.  The Illusionist is just that, he creates an illusion around his life with his wife, and daughter and it isn't until he dies that the illusion bursts.  A story of a wife's abuse if not physical, certainly emotional.

and then The Angel Makers

Well this is yet another story of life in a very small Hungarian village, based on a true story.  Now this is an unusual look at life during WWI.  It deals with superstition, life in a very small community, post traumatic disorder, domestic abuse and yet love.  I believe these stories, simply because often my mom would talk about some of the goings on in her village.  Education for women and men was limited, those who embraced teaching their daughters to read was rare, let alone encouraged.  A wonderful look at interaction of POWs and villagers, people who really weren't affected by war directly except for the loss of husbands and sons.  Odd things happen during a war, perhaps a new look at the enemy?  Highly recommended.


Tracy Wood said...

I haven't read The Cay in years, but I remember loving it and having the same feeling as you did - I never think about the Caribbean when I think of WWII. Have a great day!

Nise' said...

A great week of reading for you!

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan