Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Writers Workshop...The Challenge

This Week's Writing Prompts for Thursday 05.22

Hosted by Mama Katts
1.) The most challenging part about blogging for you is...
2.) You HAVE to go back in time and choose a different career path for yourself. What do you choose?
3.) A blog post inspired by the word: sweet
4.) Describe your dream home.
5.) Choose a recent Instagram photo and use it to inspire a blog post!

What prompt shall I choose.  # 2 nah... I'm not unhappy with the choices I made.
3. Sweet to me means a recipe.  and poundage.
4.  I'm living in my dream home, except I'd like a conservatory. Sometimes it's a nightmare, but basically I'm not moving anywhere.
5. and I don't do Instagram.
So #1 it is.  Funny the very thing that challenges me with my blog is what I started to write, and then immediately deleted.

A long time ago, I challenged myself to posting on my blog daily.  When things were going tough blogging was my refuge. I felt it was a healthier way of dealing with my feelings than coming home and having a meltdown.  My boys didn't deserve that, I was already neglecting them enough.  Well things have not changed too much, I think I really "WATCH" what I say in my post.  Heaven forbid you speak your mind.  As one of the bloggers I read said, you don' like what I'm saying you can click out. It's no longer the soul cleansing experience I had originally hoped it would be.  It's a little more "positive", and that's the challenge.While I'm thankful that I can find positive things happening in my life, there are some nasty things too.  You see... I had made another comment and had to remove it.

I've met some wonderful bloggers over the course of my 1,111 posts, read some great thoughts, been inspired spiritually and read some VERY good books.  I've spread my wings in the choices I make on the bookshelf, and artistically as well.  But, the most beneficial portion of blogging is the comfort and support we give each other.  SO, if I'm not writing what I'm feeling to some extent I'm missing out on that arm around my shoulder, just because the hand is over my mouth.  But there again that's the challenge.  I find my morning coffee tastes better when I know what Nise is reading,  or what beautiful flowers Annie is seeing Downunder, and I've discovered more Canadian authors than I knew I'd like, but since I don't read as quickly as any of these ladies, my posts are less frequent.  Does that mean I no longer need to "release".  Not hardly.  We all do! The challenge in itself is to put down in words what is happening in my life that someone would be interested in. I have to be careful not to tell someone else's story.  Sometimes I just post a picture of my guys, because I'm missing them so much. Or sometimes I just want to write pap... perhaps that's more often than I'd like to admit.  Like the song says... "there I've said it again"...the challenge is to keep thoughts coming that are good and clean and unoffensive.  I'm really trying to be a good person in all this... BUT sometimes...
I'm sharing the above clip that Sandi posted on FB.


kelley jensen said...

that is the challenge--be positive and write something interesting. I mostly blog to keep track of what I read and how I feel about it. nice post today.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I think the challenge of posting every day is too much. I'm glad you do when you can, but you may be putting an unneeded requirement on yourself. I love your blog because it is so versatile and I always seem to learn something.

Alyce said...

I think it is a challenge for all of us to write new and interesting things. I know that there are times when I am tempted to just "complain write," but since it drives me crazy when some of my Facebook friends do nothing but complain, I have a personal policy to keep the complaining on Facebook and my blog to a minimum, which means sometimes I don't post very often. :) But, complaining about ridiculous books is a whole different story - that's part of the fun book blogging.

Oh, and my dream home would be much like the one off of the Father of the Bride movie.

Donna said...

I have to laugh about the cartoon about beating someone with your angel wings. I have a notion to do just that to one particular blogger today, LOL. Posting everyday is an impossible task. I don't know how anybody can do that. Blogging represents a part of us, but it certainly isn't the only part. Most of us want to put polite and positive tones to our posts. I know that I don't share the everyday frustrations on my blog either.

Annie said...

can relate to what you say also Irene.
But I love the cartoon, good to have a laugh sometimes..and sometimes very necessary!

Annie said...

can relate to what you say also Irene.
But I love the cartoon, good to have a laugh sometimes..and sometimes very necessary!

Jenny said...

What a thought-provoking post. I have been blogging for seven years and I often wonder why I still do it. The answer is simply, as a creative outlet it cannot be beaten. I too am (believe it or not) careful about what I say on my blog. But at the same time, I value honesty and I find that fearlessness has the ability to move people. I am so thankful for bloggers like you who, although we have never met in person, I feel I know and who know me. And I think we appreciate one another's gifts and what each bring to the table. The thing that struck me about your blog from the very beginning, dear Irene, is your individuality. It shines through. I love it. xoxo my friend

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