Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Salon...

Well it's Sunday, and winter has reared it's very white head, here in the GTA, not sure how cold it is, but it's white again, or more white I should say.  I've done fairly well with my reading this week, finished How the Light Gets In, Louise Penny.  In my effort to read more Canadian authors, I chose this book on the recommendation of Shonna of the Canadian Book Worm.  Thanks Shonna.  I read at the bottom of the book description this is the ninth Inspector Gamache mystery, where have I been?  I love Armand.  I know I have read Louise Penny before, not sure which one though, I enjoyed it obviously as much as this one.  This was a murder mystery, with historical implications, all tightly woven in a thriller.  I was trying to cast the part of Armand (Hollywood style) and could only come up with my all time fav  Gregory Peck, now that says a lot, because I normally would cast Tom Sellick or Aidan Quinn, but they don't have that wonderful Peck quality.  It would have to be a young Peck. Like the time of Atticus Finch.  Now of course I have to go and read Pierre Berton's the Dionne Years, I remember having this on our reading list in highschool, but it never arrived in time for us to complete it, quite a lot of controversy about this one.  As a matter of fact, I've now searched 3 different cities in their libraries and had no luck,  is it a "forbidden read"? The mystery continues... I'll be calling the library board in the a.m.  A five star read.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” —Leonard Cohen. ( Love Leonard Cohen even if he is a bit weird.)

The next reading adventure was all Trish's fault.  I'm not big on graphic novels and Jenners almost had me convinced, but when Trish said she enjoyed this one, I thought "o.k. time to stop being so old, and venture into a new reading experience".   So I chose to read Maus,1: A survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History.

I was not disappointed, and I can see the purpose for graphic novels, they offer an avenue to tell a story in a format perhaps more appealing to a younger reader. I'm not a younger reader, but found the book easy enough to read.  Love the language used, even if it was a little stereotypical. Now I suppose I'll have to read the second part.

A four star read.

Beyond my reading adventures, I'm well on my way to finishing and oak desk for my son, to replace the one he lost in our flood.  wish I could get new arms, that sanding really does shake things up on an old babe, like me.  Needless to say pictures will follow.  AND, I'm almost done with a little painted sign for a friends business, for her ladies room.  It's coming out pretty cool.

My sister Donna is coming along very slowly, (she thinks she's fine) THANK YOU LORD.  We did a small road trip with her on Friday.

It was a good news week here on other fronts as well, so once again, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, if good news is coming our way we can handle the shoveling

Up next in reading, hmm...Five Little Pigs, Agatha Christie (thanks Margaret Books Please)  


Vicki said...

I'll have to check How the Light Gets In, I may be adding it to my list.

I have one graphic novel, but haven't had a desire to read it so far. I saw that Trish read Relish, and for a second I thought I'd get it out, but then I didn't. Maybe one day.

I'm glad your sister is doing better, will still keep her in my prayers.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

How the Light Gets In sounds good. I haven't heard of the Dionne Years and a quick check showed my library doesn't have it on the shelves either. Snow - boo!

Trish said...

YAY!!!! I'm so glad that you read and enjoyed Maus. My dad gave me a sideways glance when I told him I was reading graphic novels in Feb and I told him to read Maus and get back to me.

Glad to hear about your sister.

kelley jensen said...

sounds like it was worth the search.

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan