Thursday, February 6, 2014

Writers Workshop... You know you're old when...

Moma Katts Pretty Much Famous  Writers Workshop - #3 prompt was  You Know You're Getting Old When...
(according to Kelley, I haven't been able to find the original post)

I read Kelley's list and got a kink in my side from laughing so hard. So here are my additions,

You know you're old when...

from this in the a.m.
Yesterday I met my two sons downtown Toronto, yes, not the best of days to do it, but a Mom's got to do what a Mom's got to do.

Well normally we meet at the Eaton centre and when my eldest (who refuses to wear boots) said, "Mom could you walk up to Gerrard," and since I don't know where his new place is I didn't stay on the subway two more stops, I reluctantly said:  O.K., knowing that his feet might stay drier for at least 15 more min.  I darn near had a heart attack.  It was snowing so hard that I had to lift my feet high to climb through the snow on the walk.
to this by noon
Well I got to Gerrard, thinking o.k. he said two minutes away,  Yeah right if you're in an airplane. We stopped for lunch after an exhausting "two minutes".  Had a proper chin wag as they say, and I'm thinking the whole time, "did I see a washroom here, did I pack my bean o"

On the road again to his place, he's in  a residential area now, so the walkways were not yet tended to , so another climb up Mount Everest.

When we got to his place,  I had to test out his new mattress.  It's O.K.  I dreaded the thought of walking back.  I must have looked bad, 'cause my youngest normally barrels on ahead, kept looking back to see if he hadn't lost me in a snow bank.  I didn't sit down on the subway for fear of not being able to get up.  When we got home, I immediately got a heating pad for my body (wish they made them bigger).

So yes, I'm pretty old.

I'm suppose to be doing the backyard bird count so I couldn't resist taking this shot as well.
gathering spot


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Next time THEY pay for a taxi ;-)

Vicki said...

Mary said what I was thinking! But it did make for a funny post!!

Donna said...

It's sad and funny at the same time! Forget the heating pad, just wrap up your whole body in an electric blanket, LOL.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

oh, you poor thing. I hate getting bone chilling cold. I've never heard of it called a chin wag, but I'll be using that term from now on!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Awww, that reminds me of all the flame-red cardinals gathering in our magnolia tree today, as it hammered down snow. Yes, dear Irene! In South Carolina! BTW Donna is right: you need an electric blanket. Stay warm and don't overdo!