Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Monday,what are you reading? Sanctuary Line

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May 1 2012
A highly acclaimed national bestseller, Sanctuary Line is a riveting story of family legacies, love, betrayal and loss by award-winning author, Jane Urquhart.

Set in the present day on a farm at the shores of Lake Erie, Jane Urquhart's stunning new novel weaves elements from the nineteenth-century past, in Ireland and Ontario, into a gradually unfolding contemporary story of events in the lives of the members of one family that come to alter their futures irrevocably. There are ancestral lighthouse-keepers, seasonal Mexican workers; the migratory patterns and survival techniques of the Monarch butterfly; the tragedy of a young woman's death during a tour of duty in Afghanistan; three very different but equally powerful love stories. Jane Urquhart brings to vivid life the things of the past that make us who we are, and reveals the sometimes difficult path to understanding and forgiveness.

my thoughts:
Why I read this book? as   many of you may have presumed, I enjoy historical fiction.  In my effort to read at least 10% Canadian authors, I chose to read this book based on the conversations by the author and our news anchor on November 11, 2013 during the Rememberance Day celebration.
They went on and on, on the topic of repatriation of our fallen soldiers from Afghanistan and the Highway of Heroes, since I've always felt interested in this spontaneous phenomenon, I thought I'd give this novel a try, thinking I'd gain some special insight.  FORGET IT! it wasn't until page 165 this was briefly mentioned and I got NOTHIN' out of that.  This was singularly the most boring book I have ever read, the ending was predictable, the story line not exciting at all, yet there were elements that could have been.  I want to march in protest, on the over pass of the Highway of Heroes, she did not do it justice at all. 
I'm ever so glad I didn't buy this book. I loaned it from our library.  It will be some time if ever  that I read this author at again. 

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Donna said...

Every now and then, there is a dud! Glad you didn't buy it too.

Vicki said...

I feel your pain Irene. I just finished one that wasn't what I was expecting.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

So disappointing, especially as it's described as a 'riveting story'!

Snap said...

I really enjoy reading about what everyone else is reading. I agree with Donna, every now and then there is a dud. Thanks for letting us know!

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

Yeah, I agree with you. Boring but it does have literary merit. There is all that "beautifully descriptive narrative".

I read this because I thought there would be a little more about Liz's research and the Monarchs. But instead the first three quarters were about - nothing! I finished it, but it required patience on my part.

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