Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monday what are you reading...R.I.P challenge wrap up (late)

 Description from the book jacket:      .
  Riktor doesn't like the way the policeman comes straight into the house without knocking. He doesn't like the arrogant way he observes his home.The policeman doesn't tell him why he's there, and Riktor doesn't ask. Because he knows he's guilty.  But it turns out that the policeman isn't looking for a missing person. He is accusing Riktor of something totally unexpected. Riktor doesn't have a clear conscience, but this is a crime he certainly didn't commit.

my thoughts:
I almost quit reading this one early on in the book.  However, I was stuck at a hospital waiting with nothing to do, so I continued.  Mostly I wanted to throw up.  Riktor is a one sick person.  My fear is that people such as he do exist and work in the health care environment.  A compelling story line, certainly worthy of R.I.P. challenge, way to close to home for me though.  I'm a little slow in posting my R.I.P. challenge, but I must say, I think I may be scared silly till next year. 

Up next:  Line up(another too scary one) I'm continuing my R.I.P. challenge, just because these books were made available to me, I seemed to be on hold forever waiting for them from the library.

Thanks to Vicki for hosting this week.


Shelleyrae said...

Sounds like a good, if frightening read!
Thanks for sharing

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

Kathy Martin said...

Sounds disturbing. I think I'll avoid this book. Come see my Monday Report if you get a chance. Happy reading!

Vicki said...

Wow Irene, your review makes me want to read the book to see just how sick Riktor is. Strange huh? But I do love a scary book!

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Irene, it sounds absolutely terrible - what a shame you had nothing else to read in the waiting room! The hospitals round here all have tables/trolleys with secondhand books to buy/look at. I don't think I could read this book - far too scary.

Nise' said...

What a place to read that type of book. Read some lighter fare now!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Scary books! Creepy, dear Irene.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

I like a scary book but maybe the hospital isn't the best place to read one! Good for you though for continuing with RIP. I finished eight books and only half of them were scary. If you like non-scary crime/mystery stories, Joyland by Stephen King is a good one. No horror, just a good story set back in the 70s.

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