Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Quiz...About Me

1. September is Better Breakfast month – if time, money, calories etc. were no object, what would you have for breakfast?
I really want to say cake. Heck I'm saying cake, probably with whip cream and strawberry topping, real strawberries, maybe dipped in chocolate, and a large Starbucks mochacino.  Yup that would be it.

2. How often do you do a major clean out?
I have extreme difficulty throwing things out, I usually clean around everything, like today, I vacuumed and washed all my junk in the living room, it still looks like I'm packing to move, but, it's clean.
3. What makes you feel appreciated?
not sure, I like to see my work done, and looking good, but appreciated? not sure.
4. If you had the choice, would you employ someone to help around your home/life? Maid, Nanny, Cook, Butler or some other form of help?
Don’t want a cleaning lady, but I'd love someone to cut the grass, well, not clippings in my flower beds, or on the walk. I'd like someone to carry my laundry down to the laundry room and then carry it up, without me nagging.
5. My Question To You:
What are you looking forward to the most as the weather starts to cool down?
I'm not looking forward to cooling temps.  I like summer, and could have it all year around.  I understand seniors moving to Florida.  I like seeing my garden bloom, and I especially like not wearing boots, and coats, and mopping up salt that gets tracked in when it is icy.

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Jenny the Pirate said...

Well dear Irene, that cake sounds good but for me, if I could have anything I wanted for breakfast, it would be BREAD every day of the week. With lots of hot, fresh, strong black coffee. And I can't believe you don't want a cleaning lady. Boy I sure do. I wish you'd move to South Carolina where our "winter" is cool but almost never cold. I love it.

Clairity said...

Cooler weather would mean when it rains since it's always summer here. I enjoy naps on rainy afternoons :)

bermudaonion said...

Oh, I would love a cleaning woman!!

Annie said...

so nice to see someone else has trouble with throwing things out!
and breakfast...yum...
fruit is always good,
or bacon and eggs...
think I might go cook some this morning...
or toast and vegemite and ginger or lime marmalade...
I think I have my favorite breakfasts almost every day.
And don't forget the cuppa.

Vicki said...

Unlike you, I love the cold weather and tons of snow! But, Florida doesn't get much of either.

Erica (Irene) said...

Cake sounds good....yummy.
I also don't want a cleaning lady, my neighbour is 20 years younger then me and doesn't work and has a cleaning lady. Can you believe it she came back from vacation 3 weeks ago and just yesterday her cleaning lady came over to help her unpack, laundry and dust....she was complaining that her cleaning lady was on holidays tooo long.... talk about lazy.
Have a great weekend.

Trish said...

My grandparents live in Phoenix during the winter because those Toronto winters are so brutal (actually they could be worse, eh?). I would love a little bit of a fall right now as we are still in the 90s during the day!!

A housekeeper. I would love that. Except I'm very very particular! Scott tells me I should stop being so picky. ;)

Mmmm cake!!!

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