Friday, September 6, 2013

Chains, a readalong,... week one

Today is week 1 of our group read-a-long of Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson.  This week we read chapters 1-10, Here are a few questions to get us talkin'.  Thanks to War Through the Generations for hosting.

1.  What are your first impressions of the book so far?
 I don't know why, but when a book opens with a death, it always piques my interest, I'm morbid that way.  I like Isabel, and I'm curious about Ruth.  I do however think that their situation is all too common in that day and time. I'm not sure Curzon would have approached Isabel so soon, wouldn't they be a little more cautious, although,  since they , slaves are not considered people/?  I like the feeling that the battle is about to begin, I'm morbid that way.

2.  When we meet Isabel after the death of her owner, why do you think she turns to the tales of ghosts to guide her?

I think ghost stories were very much the norm, I can remember my mom telling us stuff like that, so I do think Isabel turning to her ghost mom for guidance is very typical of the time.  Superstition is a big thing in some cultures,  not to mention that the girl is in desperate need of an adult to help her.  She's grasping at the only thing she knows how to do.

3. Once under the control of the Locktons, do you think Isabel has the ability to protect herself and her sister? Just herself? Just her sister? or Neither?
Quite the contrary, I think Isabel has no hope of protecting herself and her sister.  She is literally at their mercy.

4. Do you think Isabel does the right thing by seeking out Curzon with information about the Locktons, or do you think it makes more sense for her to take Becky’s approach and stay loyal to the Locktons, no matter her opinion on the war, in order to keep her and Ruth safe?

I have to admit, I admire her bravery, but think it's a dangerous thing for a slave to defy their masters, they could beat her, kill her and Ruth without even having to explain themselves, should they find out.I'm for a safe existence, much like Becky. I'm enjoying this book so far, and I'm not sure I can drag out reading it for a month. 

It's not too late to join in, the chapters are short. 

Here is the Reading Schedule, Discussion on Fridays:
Sept. 1-6: Chapters 1-10
Sept. 7-13: Chapters 11-24 (end Part 1)
Sept. 14-20: Chapters 25-36
Sept. 21-27: Chapters 37-45 (the end)


Serena said...

I'm finding it hard to read this one slowly as well! Thanks so much for your thoughts. I'm torn about her remaining safe and not feeding information to the rebels and doing it if it means she can save herself and her sister.

Emma M. said...

I sort of feel like Isabel isn't safe even if she plays by Becky's rules. I just worry that her association with the Locktons could be a bad thing once the rebels win. I don't know if that would include death or not.

I'm definitely not going to be able to drag this out throughout the entirety of the month! I just want to keep reading!

Anna said...

Thanks for joining us for the read-along! I don't think she is safe regardless of how she acts, but I can see why she would pass on the information since that's the only bit of hope she has at the moment. You're right that it will be hard not to read ahead!

kelley jensen said...

I've never heard of this book. It is fun to read with a group though isn't it?

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