Monday, August 5, 2013

Influential, I think not...

My dear blogging buddy Jenny the Pirate of I'm Having A Thought Here was recently tagged as an influential blogger by  Debbie at Right Truth,  She, Jenny in turn has tagged me.  I don't usually comply, but since it's Jenny, well I must.  I've never met Jenny other than in the blog world, but she has certainly been a delight to visit in that sphere.  I first visited Jenny in the blog world through another blogger, Donna from Cottage Days and Journeys, I think we were probably doing a photo challenge.  I believe my photo was concerning my wedding anniversary, and Jenny and her husband share our wedding anniversary, and thus began a long distance friendship.  

There are rules for the meme, and they are thus:
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Link back to the person who nominated you.
Answer seven questions decided by your nominator.
Nominate (any number of) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.
Notify those bloggers of the award requirements.
The seven questions Jenny devised, and my answers:

Q What is the first book you remember reading that had a life-changing impact on you?

 A.  I don't know that any one book was life-changing for me, other than after my first book, I knew my life would be very empty if I didn't read.  I first remember reading Heidi, Johanna Spyri. I couldn't imagine what Heidi was experiencing and felt such a special kinship with her, for no other reason than she was a little kid, like me, and had no parents.  I had no grandparents, so when I met my husband and he had grandparents, I thought he was the luckiest man on earth.  They loved him to pieces.  It irritated me to this day that he didn't appreciate them more than he did. 

Q. If your house were on fire and your family were safe and you had time to leave behind only one thing, what would that one thing be?

A. OMG if my house were on fire and my family was safe, I could leave everything else behind.  It's a no brainer.  They are just things.  I'm including my pets as part of the family.

Q. Dogs or cats, and why? Or if it's ferrets, tell us about it.

A.  I love them both, but... I have a cat, only because I always seem to be needing to be flexible with not being at home, and a cat can take better care of himself, than a dog.  We, as children had many pets, and I often think I'll get a dog when my cat is no longer with us.  Or maybe both. I've had rabbits, and a cat, frogs and a cat, and birds and a cat.  But, after having this cat for a number of years, I'm sure he would not appreciate sharing his space with a dog.  I also prefer a mature pet, not interested in potty training. And I do the rescue route.  And I like a big dog, like a Collie, or a Sheep dog.  All that hair!
Q. If you had to lose either your sight or your hearing, which one would you rather do without, and why?

A.  I could give up my hearing, I guess.  With my sight I think I would still be able to read, paint etc.  and since I'm still trying hard to learn to listen to a book... I like quiet, I don't really even listen to music, my most pleasant sound would have to be that of my kids when they were little after waking up from a pleasant nap, and their little talking sounds, and of course when they say "Mom". I know for certain, when my Mom lost most of her vision, it was a very long day, and the world is really too noisy anyway.

Q. What is your most vivid memory from when you were a child of five or younger?

 A.  This is not a fair question from someone researching Alzheimer's, but.  I think I might have been more than 5, probably 6 or 7 years old.  My younger sister Barb, and I would go on a "vacation" to our Godparents home, they lived at the beach in a large home and they had no children.  We use to love to go there, simply because... no real reason.  The lady of the house, my sister's godmother, let us sleep in till 10 a.m., we didn't do that at home, since there were too many of us and the noise level didn't permit that.  We played on the beach, and as I recall, we were unsupervised most of the time, heck we could have drowned.  Who would do that today, leave the kids to play on the beach and not bother to check on them until it they came back when they were hungry?  Now I know why my mom was so reluctant to let us go, we would beg. I remember one time we went out onto the lake in a homemade canoe (the 40 year old man, with serious mental health issues, took us)  no life jackets, and I leaned over the boat, and lost my hair band, we were making up all kinds of scenarios for losing that hair band, except the truth.  Do you know our caregiver never noticed.  HUH, I always remember that, and you can bet my kids were NEVER in that spot, on the canoe or anywhere else, if I didn't feel comfortable letting my kids go someplace, it didn't matter how much they begged.  I think that might have been the last time we went on "vacation".  Soon after my mom just said no.  Perhaps she deduced things were not so safe for us.

Q. For you as an artist, what is the most frustrating aspect of the creative process?

 A.  You are way too kind calling me an artist, I just play.  I think time is probably the most frustrating aspect of the creative process.  Unfortunately, life gets in the way, you know life, like meals, and laundry and such... I purposely moved my laundry room down to my work room to mufti-task, but it just doesn't seem to work that well. 

Q. If you had a choice between being twenty-five again (but not knowing all you know now) or an afternoon of tea, cake, and conversation with me, which would you pick? This is not a trick question. The kind of cake would be up to you.
A.  Twenty-five was not a good year for me, so it'll be cake and tea.  The tea would have to be made in a pot, none of this tea bag in a cup, and a large piece of cake for each of us, after a trip to one of your favorite cemetery's would be a must.  I still can't see cemeteries the same way you do, but I'm getting better. You might have to give me a spelling/grammar lesson.  

Since my connection to Jenny came from Donna, it's only fair she get to play this meme with us.  I love visiting Donna and seriously miss her when she's away from her computer, which might be now, since she's having issues.  Hopefully she'll be O.K. to play.  Donna and her hubby travel to very interesting places, and she takes awesome photos, and talks camera.  AND she has a rabbit. 

here are my questions for Donna:

1.  Of all the places you've traveled, I know you've enjoyed most, where would you  NOT want to get stuck, for any reason?

2. Again, with the travel, if you could take a friend with you, where would you go and why?

3.  Would you rather take more than one friend?

4.  How did you get started taking these wonderful pictures?

5.  If you had an opportunity, and I know you will, where would you like to see your photos?

6.  Have you gone, travel wise, to the place you've always wanted to go?  Would you go back?

7.  You've downsized your home recently, what is the best part, and the worst part of doing this?

I would like to add that many of the bloggers in my blog roll influence me in different ways, i.e. I know that any book Nise, Vicki, Kathy (Bermudaonion) or Margaret recommends I'll enjoy,Shonna keeps me in the Canadian section of the library and Miss Mustard Seed inspires me to think outside my comfort zone, so while I chose Donna many of you influence me in amazing ways.


Vicki said...

I haven't seen one of these question/answer posts for a while. It was fun to read!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Dear Irene, I love to read your stream-of-consciousness posts an this one was a real gem. I think you missed my trying to be "funny" on the house on fire question. Instead of asking you to name the one thing you would grab (already knowing your family were safe), I asked what one thing you'd leave behind. Meaning, one thing you would not mind never seeing again. For me it would be my vacuum cleaner. I hate vacuuming and would love to never see the blasted thing again. Thanks for being such a good sport and for answering each question. I love it that you nominated Donna! Can't wait to read her answers as well.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

What a fascinating post, such interesting questions! I agree about cats and dogs, although I don't think I want another dog (just have a cat at the moment) - I'm not keen on the poo situation with dogs. And I'm the same as you about music - I could live quite happily without it - and I like quiet, so I'd much rather be able to see than to hear, I just cannot imagine how awful it must be to be blind.

Irene said...

Yes, Jenny I did miss the fire bit. I think for me it would be the washing machine, I hate doing laundry,but seem to do it everyday. I swear my family rolls around in the mud, I know my husband does. And they are forbidden to go camping while I'm doing their laundry. Terrible mother.

bermudaonion said...

I agree with you on the fire - the things aren't important ad can be replace. I don't want to give up my hearing or my eyesight. I wouldn't want to be 25 again unless I could take what I've learned since then back with me.

kelley jensen said...

I enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about you through your answers. Fun post today.

Annie said...

well done Irene, loved your answers...and the questions you psed for Donna...she is a great blogger and photographer, and I look forward to hearing her answers...
thanks for popping by my blog..always fun to catch up..

Parabolic Muse said...

I agree with so many of your answers, here. And I've seen your work; you are an artist.

Jenny the Pirate said...

I intensely dislike doing laundry too, dear Irene. And the prospect of ironing makes me want to sit and cry. Truth be known, I don't like housework. There, I said it. But I do like kitchen chores. Probably because food is involved.

Donna said...

I am so sorry for getting here so late, with the computer problems and doctor appointments! I am deeply honored that you thought of me. (blushing) You put some good thought into those questions too! Give me another week or so before I can get my post done. I've got my second cataract surgery this Tuesday, so that will slow me down once again.

National Pet Day...

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