Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday salon... Earth Hour

So how did everyone spend earth hour?  I was a little confused (what else is new) and thought it was 8-9 p.m. when in fact it was 8:30 to 9:30p.m. so I've added another hour on to the no lights zone.  I had made a tea and brownie prior and sat down to do nothing only to find my tea cold and brownie untouched.  I guess my brain said no lights, must be time to sleep.  My neck is a little crooked today.  

 Beyond that, Sunday Salon finds me "FINALLY" finished  In The Woods, Tana French.  It took me almost a month to read that book, not that it was not good, but I just found some of the parts a little TOO disturbing for me at this point in my life.  I was stumped as to "who dunit" until well into the book.  I really hate the statistics that show it might have been one of the parents. At any rate, In The Woods, was a mystery/thriller, in every sense of the description.  Story set in Ireland, against the backdrop of political intrigue (minor element) and missing/murdered children, and a detective team that are very unusual.  I truly had hoped that there would have been a resolution to the underlying mystery, but the conclusion was well played anyway.

My week has been the usual, I'm on March break this week, and the basement is calling.  I was hard at it yesterday, on the ladder, and the phone just didn't stop, it wasn't until I finally fell reaching for it that I said, "NO MORE CALLS".  My arm is a little sore and my back quite sore.  Today is Palm Sunday so there will be no housework.  My youngest is a little under the weather so I'll be pampering him.  No idea what else.  Maybe some Advil and a rest.  Up next on the reading front is " The Burning Air,' Erin Kelly.

Tony Goldwyn
In the Woods was read for the Ireland Challenge and I'm giving it a 4.5stars. I much preferred it to A Faithful Place,also Tana French, although I must say A Faithful Place had me turning pages much faster, I didn't appreciate the end of that one nearly as well. And the characters were more attractive, visual.  If I had to type cast Rob Ryan from the description in In the Woods it might have to be someone like Tony Goldwyn and Demi Moore, don't care for either of them, but Faithful Place would have had to be Aidan Quinn, but only if Johnny Depp was not available.  Oh heck who am I kidding it would have had to be Quin all the way, with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.  But, Tony Goldwyn looks like the right one for Rob Ryan.  

Reading The Burning Air
Listening to (trying to listen) Miss Marple Investigates.

Have a great weekend. 


Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Now that I've been seeing Tana French books everywhere, I really must read some.

In the Woods sounds intriguing...especially when you put a face to the characters!


Nise' said...

Hope today is a restful day for you! I hope to finish a book today as well unless the phone rings ;).

bermudaonion said...

Well darn, I missed Earth hour this year - I guess I can just observe it on my own one day.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

Oh no, I missed Earth Hour. :( Not a word about it on the news this year.

Jenny the Pirate said...

For Earth Hour, dear Irene, I was on the earth, trusting in the One Who created it. That is all. God will keep the sphere spinning as long as He deems fit. We humans cannot alter His plan for the planet.

Jenners said...

Well I'm glad you liked In the Woods even if you weren't quite in the mood for it. Interesting casting choices. Not sure I see Demi Moore as Cassie AT ALL! Was that what you were saying?

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