Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Watch that ends the Night...voices from the Titanic, Allan Wolf

I've been on the waiting list for this book for some time.  Finally... it was most definitely worth the wait.  The Watch  that ends the Night, voices from the Titanic. 

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Oct 11 2011

My thoughts:
One of the best books about the Titanic I've read.  When I first met my husbands grandmother, I guess she felt I needed to know more about her family, and her beloved grandson.  She talked about her exodus from a communist regime, and about her life before she met her beloved husband.  She talked about her sister and her mom and then about her dad.  Her dad was a guy who would travel across the ocean to work on  ships and in the U.S.A. and then occasionally return to his family.  Well he once came home and had every intention of returning to the U.S.A. via the Titanic, well I know this sounds a little off, but he literally missed the boat. As you can imagine travel was not all that reliable and a simple worker couldn't afford to travel first class and get places on time, he simply traveled and hoped there would be a ship in port to work on. He set sail shortly after the Titanic, not sure what ship, but he remained in the U.S. until he died.  Of coarse now I was intrigued with this ladies story, (she was probably 79yrs old at the time)  and I would have married her grandson anyway, but this made it more exciting.  So you see my boys and I have read about the Titanic adventures. Just out of curiosity.

My favorite character in this book of course is the refugee, since I'm a descendant of displaced persons. Do check it out, it's worth queuing up for.


Jenners said...

Sounds like it would be fascinating. And talk about being thankful for your travel plans not quite working out like you wanted!

bermudaonion said...

I've only read a couple Titanic books but this was definitely the best one. I love novels in verse.

Jenny the Pirate said...

This sounds REALLY good, dear Irene. I've written down the title because it's time to start planning Christmas and I know my daughter Audrey would enjoy reading this! Thanks luv.

Annie said...

An interesting story from the old lady...I wondered why you read the Titanic books , I can't bring myself to, when I know how the story ends..I wouldn't go to see the film either! Guess it is all more in your neighborhood there too though.

Jenny Girl said...

Never read a book about the Titanic so this would be a good one to start with. thanks Irene!

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