Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Salon...looking for a slice of shade

It's been so hot this week that even the flowers were looking for a little shade this week. When we moved into this house some 26yrs ago, the newlyweds next door planted this rosebush.  It's been neglected ever since, 5 homeowners have neglected it.  About five years ago, the couple of the time planted a willow.  It gives us wonderful shade in that corner, but it's extremely messy.  But the rose bush seems to have come to life, it was moving through the fence under the shade of it.
See how it's done with all that neglect. It has taken 26 years though.  The new family next door moved to Canada from India and had no idea one must cut the lawn and water stuff.  When they come out to work they look like they are going into a quarantine room all covered up and gloves and boots, in case... cobra's? lion? and tigers?  It never occurred to me that someone would not know? What am I saying, handy Andy just hacked all my Iris'  UG! Don't worry he's still alive, but very obedient just about now, I'm sure the neighbors will be calling a domestic dispute team soon, though. Please don't notice the unruly ground cover around the pond, I'm working on it, and it doesn't want to cooperate.

My garden and home have kept me from reading this week.  Good thing I have a road trip tomorrow, or I'll never finish Stevie King's book.  It's really getting good.

Chris over at Parabolic Muse is hosting a bookmark exchange, so I'm designing in my head at present.  You always need another book mark. 


Donna said...

It's pretty to have that rosebush peek through your fence like that! But YIKES, that tree was planted way too close to the fence!

Nise' said...

I just about died when our new neighbors moved in (6yrs ago) and hacked all the iris out that were on the side of the house that faced mine. I helped the former owner, my friend plant them. I am just about over it now. Hope you get lots of reading in this week.

Irene said...

Yes I agree the tree was planted way too close to the fence, every time we have a wind, it really sways. But short of it blowing down, I don't think our neighbours will do anything about it. At five years it's about 40feet high, so... Since some many trees have been cut down, our city has now put in place a bi law that prohibits cutting down trees that are that size, so it's here to stay. I figure in the next wind storm it will blow down, and we'll be replacing our roof and fence, and maybe a window or two. But once again, nothing I can do about it. Nise, I cannot believe anyone would not love Iris. I actually really love them even when they are done blooming, usually if I'm careful about pruning I can get a second bloom, so you understand how annoyed I was. Don't know what possessed the man, we do this every year, so I don't know.

Jenners said...

What a lovely little corner of the world you have there. And I approach outdoor life much like the folks from India!

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan