Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rainy Day Meme...

I love Trish's idea of a rainy day meme... She posted it today and I think "Brilliant"  I too am finding it diffiuclt to post daily, just so much I have not done around my home that REALLY needs to be done before winter. And I'm no spring chicken, well I am compared to the people in the nursing home.  But even more so, I love Trish's meme questions, I didn't come up with my own 11 questions and pass them on either, I always feel like I'm imposing myself on my blogging friends when I do that so I thought I'd post my responses to Trish's questions.
1.What app do you love above all others? Not an app person? What about website?
  I don't do apps. My phone is so old... I think my "thing" would have to be wikiepedia.
2.Describe your dream profession (sky is the limit)
 I'm living my dream profession, I'm a mom, and I do anything I like in between, I read, I sew, I upholster, I do restoration, I scrap, I paint, I... and the list goes on. I don't make any money at any of these "professions",( I married well.)(or my husband loves his job, and I cash in).
3.Appetizers or dessert?
 Appetizers or dessert, WELL often when we go out I will just order appetizers and dessert, skip the entre. I'm usually disappointed, at home with company I like to drag out the meal so my guests, and I can enjoy both. I hate skipping dessert because I'm too full. The first thing I do when I help my mom with her meals is check out what's for dessert, if it's better than the diner, that's where we start, you can never have too much dessert.
4.If you could be BFF with any fictional character, who would you choose?
 My BFF to a fictional characters would have to be Rosemary and Thyme from the British series. Imagine being with a real gardener, and CRIME. Love it.

5. I say BLUE. What immediately comes to mind?
 When you say BLUE, I think Cookie Monster.

6. Favourite song to blast and sing in your car with the windows down.
I rarely blast a song out my car windows, since I don't drive, but if I have to chose it would be, "Teacher leave those kids alone" Pink Floyd. I was a nasty mom and sent a copy of this each summer break to nasty teachers.
7 .What fashion fad makes you hang your head in shame?
 I can't honestly say any fashion statement makes me want to hang my head in shame. I think "this is fashion" of the time.
8.What are your thoughts on 80s Hair Bands?
  Big hair bands, Meh! can take it or leave it.
9.What is a book you wanted to throw across the room? What is one you wanted to hug?
  A book I could throw across the room, I can't do that, well maybe... A book I could hug. You are my Only, by Beth Kephart.
10. Imagine you are an aerobics instructor--what song must be on your playlist?
  Me being an aerobics instructor would be quite a stretch to the imagination, but here it goes... nah I can't think of music and aerobics together.
11. What's for dinner tonight?
  What's for dinner tonight? Fajitas. I think?

Have a great Tuesday.My cat and I are.  Thanks Trish.


Nise' said...

I don't do apps either! My old phone works just fine. I agree with you about dessert!!

Parabolic Muse said...

I really liked Rosemary and Thyme but forgot to rent the next DVD. There's so much to remember!!

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Hi Irene :))
mi piace molto la foto del tuo gatto.
Credo che sia per lui una zona di vero relax !
Baci Myriam :))))

bermudaonion said...

I love that you would sent that song to nasty teachers over the summer - I wish I'd thought of that!

Jenny Girl said...

Don't worry Irene...I have apps but don't know how to use them and don't think I want to. I don't like being constantly connected :)
Nice getting to know you better.

Jenners said...

I love your idea of appetizers and dessert and no entree! Sounds perfect to me!

Annie said...

That was funny...when they asked what was for dinner, in the last question, it looked like your answer was the "cat" from the photo...haha...!!

National Pet Day...

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