Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For Today...

Outside my window... it rained all evening and during the night (YEAH!) no watering the newly planted shrubs.

I am thinking... it's official, I'm OLD, I'm just so sore and tired today... I cannot even explain it.  I'm skipping my last morning class (which I never do, and painting tomorrow)

I am thankful...for the rain, I not only don't have to water, but now I'm off the hook for going out and gardening, for another day.

From the learning rooms... I'm learning that I should be clear on what "come pick it up in the afternoon"means, attach a time.I'm sitting here waiting for afternoon.

In the kitchen...pasta

I am wearing...really comfy clothes.

I am creating...WELL,  I should be doing many things, but I'm so sore...

I am going...to pick" it" up this afternoon, and then to clean out my locker at upholstery.

I am wondering...where to start, my house is a disaster, and so is my yard, the perennials are almost done, so now it's time... to get on with it.

I am hoping...to leave my current upholstery piece in the workshop over summer, hauling it home is just so much work.

I am looking forward to...Sunday, and sleeping in...at least tilll 8 a.m. (fat chance with the birds)

I am reading... Stevie King's The Stand for the Standalong hosted by Love Laughter and a touch of Insanity.

I am hearing...bird chirping, they NEVER shut up. They've had me awake since 4:30 a.m.  I've started to have evil thoughts.  (I've posted this line for three weeks now, and it still holds true). It sounds much like this all day long,except no gun shots yet...

Around the house...just stuff,

I am pondering... when your financial institution sends you a big envelope of what to do to prepare your estate, does this mean you are official on the way out?

One of my favourite things...a freshly planted flower bed.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  well my mom's long term care is in OURBREAK so we can't visit until that is over with, so I may catch my breath and get the laundry finished.  Thursday is clean up of the upholstery workshop and I'll be bringing my future projects home for the summer.  sometimes that's good, you can sort of see where you'll be using the piece, before you buy fabric.  Right now they are rebuilt, refilled, and just covered in factory cotton, the next step is the upholstery fabric.  The two wing chairs I'm working on are heavy and I don't want to do them over again if I hate the fabric.  I had planned on doing something funky with one of them before I got the other, so now I'll have to re-think that, 2 funky pieces is one too many.
We've been celebrating the Queen's Jubilee here in Canada, and our little group is drinking tea out of proper tea cups.  Boy does that make a difference in your tea.  My friend was saying she had too many teacups, so I rushed to her aid. I'm planning a proper tea party with my grand nieces, as soon as the little one can hold a tea cup.

here are a couple of the beauties she shared with me... the above one is a really different shape.

So naturally I had to check out their value on line, not much luck in finding them, but they are pretty.


kaye said...

your tea cups are pretty and just knowing there are people out there reading Stephen King makes me shiver. I'm not a fan of horror. thanks for stopping by.

Jenners said...

I suspect you are sore because you do so darn much. Take a day off, read, drink some tea and you'll feel better!

bermudaonion said...

I can relate to the birds - we live close to a pond and the frogs make so much noise!

Vicki said...

I'm reading The Stand for the read-a-long too! This is my second time, the first was when it first came out.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Very pretty indeed, and you are right dear Irene, the cup makes all the difference in the taste of the tea. I do so love a tea party. And you are not old, you are very brave and very industrious, so ambitious, you put me totally to shame. And just ignore your bank's "set your affairs in order" correspondence. You'd better stick around a lot longer!

Trish said...

I love this and all of the different items. Might have to borrow one day.

Sorry about the soreness! sounds like you need a nice soak in the tub...with or without Stephen King. ;) Glad you're joining us. Are you on twitter? If you are let me know! We've been chatting using the hashtag #standalong

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