Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thanks, I needed that!... Alice Hartley's Happiness

Thanks Ms. Philippa, I needed that read.

P.S. I love Alice, and Aunty Sarah what wonderful characters.  I wish I had given birth with dolphins.

My question today to you all is,  Do you have an author you go to, when you know you just need a good read?  I have several, thank goodness.  One of whom is Philippa Gregory, I know I'm going to enjoy the book.  With this particular one, the only thing I couldn't figure out was the time line,  Princess Di and Charles were already having marital difficulties, but magic mushrooms were quite the thing, and herbalism, hmm. Did the U.K. have hippies longer than North America?  

Photo of book I own.


Nise' said...

Yes! I have a few authors like that. Glad this one was just the thing when you needed it.

Jenners said...

Yay for you … it is good to have a go to author like that. I am finished all the books of most of mine. Sob.

Anonymous said...

I think there are still hippies in the UK, they're just a bit below the radar though. Herbalism was pretty strong in the 80's and early 90's.
I go back to Georgette Heyer, doesn't matter how often I've read them I still find something to laugh at.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Sounds like a lively and interesting read, dear Irene? As to your last question, I imagine the answer is a resounding yes.

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan