Monday, January 2, 2012

Creativity in Retrospect...

Eddie's post
my collection

Ever since I saw this creation on Eddie Ross blog I've had to do it. So while I was trying to decorate my home for Christmas I came across my stash of Christmas balls that I no longer use (the cat you  know).  Perfect I thought.  WELL it became an obsession.  This wreath required quite a lot of ornaments, and you know I was just short so... one of my friends was downsizing and made a sizable donation, not my colors, but I persevered and this is what my kitchen started to look like.  Then I got the bug, I needed to make one for my friend, for my niece and a sample for my painting group...  A great project while you are putting away your ornaments, set them aside and do IT! it's fast and easy and very economical, if you don't have a collection of ornaments your cat is not allowed to play with, on account they're going to break, you can take advantage of the boxing day sales. Store and label and next year's decoration is all set.
my recycled wreath, haven't decided on a bow yet, I also got tired of the coat hanger there and changed that up a bit for my next one.
Project #2
As most of you know, if you read my blog, I worked this past provincial election, in their infinite wisdom election Ontario decided to remind eligible electors to vote by sending them a fridge magnet. 
So I got 4 in the post. While I was clearing up my fridge I decided these were too expensive to just toss,

So I decided to create something.

I gessoed the magnets, painted the background black, sponged some green on it to simulate greenery, and then painted my poinsettia on it. Varnished, and then put the gold border on.  I needed to create an envelope, so

I cut a piece of cardstock, creating a sleeve, sealed only the long end. Punched a slot and 1/2 circle at one end, threaded a piece of ribbon, slid the magnet in and tied off the end. DO NOT UNTIE, simply slide the card out.

For my sisters, (who were getting these cards) I added a sister to sister magnet that I purchased from Carmi.

If you're like me you just get going with the creative juices and the season is over.  Well we'll be ready for the next one, ENJOY! and now to clear off my work centre(s).

P.S.  I really don't have time for any of the projects I do, the wreath was made while I was waiting for my family to come eat dinner, (that's how quick it is) I hate making dinner and having them come home late, and I find if I sit down to do what I want to do, they're on their own for dinner, and that bothers me for some reason, (the guilt of a stay at home mom) the painting well that just fun.


Jeanne said...

Love the ornament wreath! I don't know how you find the time for all!

Jenners said...

You did get the creative bug! I love the wreath … yet I doubt my ability to pull it off.

carol said...

I love that wreath. I wish I made the time to do projects like that.

Jenny Girl said...

I've recently saw one of these wreaths and I think it's just wonderful. the colors are so bright and fun. Congrats on your wreath and all of your other crafty projects. Everything turned out so lovely :)

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan