Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts of ... cake

It's been a very hot week already, and I'm still painting my first floor.  My cat has been extra curious and climbing all the furniture I've stacked in one corner.  I keep running out of paint.  I'm expecting a very busy fall so I thought I'd get this all out of the way before then.  Hope I finish before "duty" calls.  I think as I age, I don't want as much colour on my walls, I want statement, but not colour. so I'm going boring.  I could never imagine myself doing that in a million years.  I'll keep the red powder room and the hot chocolate kitchen, and maybe add a little hot chocolate in the dining area, but it's Kansas Wheat everywhere else.  The front door on the inside is white (boring) and the exterior is Black. Not much reading happening... to tired to see. After I finished for the day, (because my body couldn't do anymore) I made a couple of dishes to take to my son's place this afternoon, it's his girlfriends birthday.  Don't know how old she is, but she invited me to join them for cake this evening.  (And them we might go to a bar) Not likely, me anyway.  I think I find this part the hardest, he finds a nice girl, I start to really get attached and then... I think there should be rules. No introducing your mom until you're sure.  I was told there would be cake.  Happy Birthday to Carolline.

P.S. see how boring my walls are, this was at Christmas. My son is blocking the tree.  I decided in 2010 that from that year forward I was just hanging my "own" work on the walls, (hence the boring).  There is usually stuff all around drying or waiting for me to declare it finished, but only sometimes makes it to the walls and that was going to change.  Now that I look at it, it MUST change.  


ros@dimaggio63 said...

Hi Irene :)
il ragazzo è tuo figlio ?
Molto carina la ragazza !!
Ciao Myriam

Shonna said...

I'm thinking of cake too!

Jeanne said...

Enjoy that cake! We rent and I've always dreamed of the freedom to paint the walls whatever color I want.

Joni said...

Ha ha...I was just thinking about making Whoopie pies! In my opinion, cake is a necessity...and so is color on the walls! For years I had white walls. White walls everywhere. Then, last October the wall warden moved out and I suddenly realized I could do what I want. Not a white wall in the place now. :)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I like earth tones whenever possible, but I crazy about all shades of blue as well LOL

Jenny the Pirate said...

Be the change, dear Irene!

Andrew does the same thing to us regarding girls. He has taken up at one time or another with several adorable young ladies. Just about the time his sisters and I are planning shopping trips and lunch dates with said beautiful girl, Andrew up and splits with her or else she dumps him. Most exasperating.

bermudaonion said...

Whew, I'm tired thinking of all the work you're doing.

I hope you had a fun evening!

Jenners said...

You are always doing so much ... you put me to shame! I'm all for bold colors but you need to have some "boring" ones too or it gets too much.

I hope this girlfriend stays around!!! : )

By the way, I'm just back from vacation and getting caught up with blogs. I'm reading/skimming most of the posts but just leaving everyone one comment or I'll never get caught up. Thanks for understanding.

Vicki said...

My walls and furniture are all earth tones. I add color with lighthouse nic/nacs and photos of lighthouses and the beach.

Hope you get some rest!