Friday, June 3, 2011

Page from a Tennessee Journal, Francine Thomas Howard

Do you remember that cigarette commercial for Virginia Slims, well if you don't it portrays a very modern woman with a mini skirt smoking, and the song goes "we've come a long way baby"... Boy am I ever glad we have, after finishing this book, I'm thinking what must it have been like to live in these times? So glad I don't like to time travel, except in my reading. 

I just finished reading this VERY good book. I m still thinking about it a day and a half later so I'm saying it's getting a 4 3/4 stars.

...and I did not see the end coming... a very GOOD read. I often put up what Amazon says about their product, and in this one as in many they have that part"customers who bought.... also bought" with this one The Help was what other customers bought.  I have the Help on my TBR pile but in our painting discussions one of my pals said she just couldn't read it.  I've put it on hold until I forget about that.

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Jenny the Pirate said...

Sounds very interesting! I am always amazed at how much you manage to accomplish, dear Irene!

Jenners said...

43 of 5 stars? WOW! And read The Help. I haven't met anyone yet who hasn't loved it (except your friend, maybe).

Jeanne said...

wow Sounds impressive. Will have to see if my library has it.

TheBookGirl said...

A book that you continue to think about after you finish is one that I want to read...I loved The Help, and like Jenners, have not heard anyone say that they didn't like it..

Jenny Girl said...

This is so unlike what I normally read. If it has you thinking days after you finished it, then I will definitely read it. Thanks Irene.

National Pet Day...

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