Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ship of Brides...

I just finished The Ship of Brides, Jojo Moyes, what a good story. The books setting is on a Aircraft carrier, headed from Australia to England with brides. Young women who married English servicemen were transported to England to reunite with their husbands. The War is over, and the prospects of a new life are exciting, little do the brides realize the tough life on board a aircraft carrier. My mom came on such a ship to be reunited with my dad. She was brought from Mexico to England. Her trip to Mexico, I believe, from Bombay to Mexico was during wartime, and yes they were on a battle ship. Six weeks below deck, with action happening, yes battles. You can imagine how not excited she was when she had to board yet another ship to be reunited with my dad, who was in England, and then one more time from England to Canada.We didn't really hear of adventures on board, only of adventures in Mexico. 

The Ship of Brides was a historical novel, a little romance a little character development, not at all what my teacher said I should read but nonetheless enjoyable. It was pleasant, an easy read, somewhat longer than I expected, but shorter than Musashi. (but isn't everything).I only almost cried once, or twice. 
I give it a 41/2 *
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bermudaonion said...

This sounds like a fabulous story! Can you imagine what that was like for your mom?

Jenners said...

Love the cover! And it is funny to imagine an aircraft carrier filled with brides.

tattytiara said...

Holy crow - what an adventure your mother had!

Jeanne said...

What an amazing story and hitting so close to home for you. I've come to the conclusion there's too many good books out there. Went to my library today to pick up one I'd requested and found another that has really captured me already.

®osadimaggio63 said...

Hi Irene,
mi fà piacere leggere che ti piacciono le mie foto.
Buona lettura... in questo periodo lavoro tantissimo, ed i miei libri sono in attesa di essere aperti !
Ciao Myriam :)

Annie said...

wow, I am quite jealous, you do seem to be reading quite a lot of interesting books, Irene. I seem to be reading very slowly. I guess because that is because it is summer here, and there is a bit too much happening!
Sounded interesting Irene...but even more interesting was your mother's story! That is one that should be written into a novel...or just a bio. Need to hear more of that!

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