Monday, February 28, 2011

The problem child...

I'm not sure my mother in law would agree with me, but I think her eldest, my husband might be a problem child.  I hate grocery shopping with him, and as I don't drive, this is what must happen if I want the ingredients I need to keep the ole kitchen cooking.  Anyway, I made a very clear list of things, so I wouldn't have to go.  He likes to shop around, and I have too much on my plate to spend the day saving 7cents.  WELL, the problem child brought home only the things he likes on the list, no sugar, so no baking today, no onions so no soup today, a bushel of apples???????????guess what's for supper? and a case of tomatoes, (I already have five cases, and my spaghetti kid doesn't live here anymore).  No laundry detergent, so no laundry today but the biggy is I have sugar in my coffee, and I can't have that this morning.  You might say I'm homicidal.  How does this happen.  Just get what I need you dork!  And of course my retiree has a job today.  I am not carrying detergent or onions or anything, and I think I shall go to Starbucks for a coffee and use his Visa card.  (Did I mention he bargain shops, and buying an expensive coffee will kill him).

Oh and I'm suppose to be preparing to paint my son's room today, and I added sandpaper to that list, didn't get any.  
I can just imagine what happened, he went to his favourite "gypsy" hunting ground ,got the first few items on the list and then spotted a shoplifter, and so the story goes....  This man should not have retired.  
Or scenario 2,
His friend Wally got him on the cell and they were all excited about working today and he just forgot the other items.  Then of course he had to rush home to check his email to get the particulars of today's adventure and he didn't get to any other stores. 

Monday and Tuesday are my stay at home days, I usually make several meals so that the rest of the week is not so chaotic and now not having the necessities to work with really drives me mad..  So my only alternative today is to go shopping.  So much for housework, and laundry, my week once again will be rushed.  Couldn't you just scream. I will, the minute he walks through the door.


Jenners said...

This cracked me up! Just serve him tomatos and apples all week and he'll learn.

tattytiara said...

I'd use that Visa to take a cab to the grocery store. That would probably convince him to be considerate of the items you want and need.

Susan Williamson said...

I had to really laugh at this post and saving the 7 cents. I once spent several hours driving around with my best friend so we could save $5.00 on a shower gift (while spending $20.00 on gas). To make a long story short, the wedding was cancelled and we couldn't take the gift back.

Jenny Girl said...

Men are just large children. I agree with Jenners, tomatos and apples for dinner all week :)

Jenny the Pirate said...

Throw him in the brig and throw those apples in on top of him.

You are quickly becoming the most entertaining part of my day, dear Irene.

Now, what my husband does, he comes home with something I can't use (or don't like) and tells me they "didn't have" the item(s) I asked for by name.

Of course, whenever I go to the store, they have it. They hide the stuff I like when they see my man come through the door, apparently.

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